Friday, 30 November 2012

The Moment Has Flown

A smile that warmly welcomes
But a hand that is just out of reach
A touch that can never be realised
From the skin that’s as soft as a peach
Heart which loves but cannot be loved
Insightful mind with so much to teach
A beauty that lights up each waking hour
But the love that is just out of reach

Coming back to my world you engaged me
Thrilled me with tales of your life
All the things you achieved when we parted
Triumphs and heart wrenching strife
How you overcame pain and succeeded
Forged existence in your new paradise
But remember the day that it started
The day you ran from being my wife

Since you returned I have wondered
Would we ever rekindle that spark
Are memories blinkered by the passage of time?
Is my desire so wide of the mark?
But that moment has long since departed
Like a thief in the night, stole away in the dark
And the moments I cherish are memories
Of the heart I once craved and want back

Two lives which were once intertwined
Took paths and adventures alone
The day that you left, left me empty
Till the partner I found made our home
And now you fire up all those feelings
So raw that I’m chilled to the bone
I drift back to the life that I now have
For that moment, for now, it has flown

© Fergus Martin