Friday, 23 November 2012

Above and Below


Approaching the planet they cut power and drifted
Falling slowly through the thin atmosphere
Excitement abounded amongst they crew
As they trembled in anticipation and fear
Fear of the unknown and what they would find
Anticipation of being the first to arrive
Proud that they’d set foundations for empire
A future in space that would sprout and survive

Initial vibrations calm and raise the mood to euphoria
Months in the planning to get to this moment of joy
All systems checked they can relax for a short time
Rejuvenate and consolidate bask in their glory, enjoy
Many tasks lie ahead before they can begin the construction
A new life in the stars for their people, educated and wise
Launch of the lander, on a mission to sample, test and decide
Scanning the surface, movement catches the eyes

Scanning, re-scanning, metallic eye roams the cratered vista
Was there really a movement out there or just a trick of the light
Pausing the lander’s path, they are convinced that they saw
Shadowy figures on the horizon as the stars shine so bright
Confusion reigns with the relisation the mission could be lost
On this solitary rock, where they believed life was dead
Unarmed, defenceless against inhabitants aggression
Quietly, subtly, the voices begin to cry out inside their heads

Panic, sheer uncontrolled panic spreads throughout the visitors
“Is this the end of their dream, their mission, their very existence/”
Slowly, surely, clarity comes with the thought, one of welcome
Of peace, and of fear of just what the visitor’s intent is
Realisation that communication can be achieved 
Leads to compromise, the reality that the planet is alive
Frantic urgent pleading leads to the only real solution
“Leave now and prove that we are worthy and wise!”


As they watched from the dust covered surface
The object descended slowly through space
Expressionless eyes gazed upwards in wonder and fear
Watching the shape fall from the night without pace
Flickering thoughts passed from one mind to another
Anxiety reigned sentient in the lives underground
Fear of this thing on their planet unwelcomed
Their future survival at threat as the shape touches down

They watched in silence as the strange craft lay so silent
Dust settling down on the surface, they wait for some sign
A flickering, a movement, an indication of what may occur
Nervous palpations echo through receptive linked minds
Watching as the silence returns calm to planetary surface
Waiting, ever silent, without movement, silent surveillance
Whilst underground dwellers twist nervously in anticipation
And then the object is ejected from the bowels of deliverance

Watching, ever watching, as the object moves around the dusted rocks
Stopping suddenly, they freeze, fearing detection in every sinew
Time passes all too slowly as they realise they have been discovered
Horrifically and swiftly, messages from one mind to the colony flew
“Still, be still, wait, do nothing, we cannot be sure, we must hope”
Confusion flies and catches fire amongst the peaceful habitat
They are no fighters, but finally a message to all is delivered
One planetary thought strikes out soulful and vibrant

Panic, sheer uncontrolled panic spreads throughout the colony
“Is this the end of their race, their planet, their very existence?”
Slowly their though permeates the mind of the unwelcomed visitors
“Welcome, peace, we are here, you have no need to fear us
Slowly thoughts ricochet back and understanding becomes reality
First contact with another race, the visitors from above respond
An answer that is welcome comes from the those not like them
“We will leave you now, we return to where we came from”

© Fergus Martin