Sunday, 3 June 2012

Felidae’s Web

Caught firm within vermillion web
Held fast by bewitching smile
Struggle against the fawning voice
Blinkered to the charm and guile
Pampered, enamoured, the bait taken
Feast upon morsels of faint praise
The cocoon is spun, entrapment secured
Now powerless to escape the gaze

The feline moves with grace across the floor
And pounces, claws now digging deep
Petted and played with, exhausted and broken
Tossed by the paws and caught in one leap
Dancing to the tune of deceitful maw
The puppeteer of passion pulls the string
Guided and misguided, prodded and cajoled
Lips licking at the capture of the plaything

Feasting long enough to fill her needs
Discarded scrap unworthy of attention
Wolf mother retreats to her chosen lair
Until next she needs compliant subjection
Used, abused, beaten and rejected
The rattled mouse wallows in confusion
Ignored, abhorred, despised and forgotten
The fantasy which was, now mere illusion

© Fergus Martin