Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Bubble Burst

The caves of steel surrounded you, protected you from harm
And now the gates are open, enticing you with charm
Once hidden in the undergrowth, sheltered from the storm
Step in to the light of day and leave behind the maelstrom
Contemplate enchantment of the world outside your door
From cocoon of trepidation, a butterfly once more
Encouraged by the words of charm they welcome you outside
Wings stretched out reveal the chest that bursts with pride

Enamoured by a voice of hope that worms into your breast
You favour the beguiling smile; place it high above the rest
Reveal your inner torments, the thoughts that pain the most
The traumas sealed within the soul but hidden from the host
With soul mate now aligned, stride out with confidence
Walking in a wonderland, the joyful path that never ends
Nothing’s quite what as it seems, you breathe without a care
But the solemn voice that mesmerised takes you unaware

Betrayal stalked the bitter path directly to your door
Twisted tongue now steeled to rip you to your core
The honey dripping syrup spits acid out in streams
Procreates a nightmare from the sanctuary of dreams
Shameless exploitation of the secrets from the past
Breaking down the walls of that friendship built to last
Confidence once vibrant now shattered, bruised and dead
Evicted fool from paradise looks inwards now instead

Examining decisions through the microscope of pain
Searching for the moment that triggered hate in vain
You curse with every breathe the secrets you revealed
Every moment shared, a sham so well concealed
Treasured vows now broken, regret and fear combine
Consume with eager passion and paralyse the mind
Entangled in your dreams and trapped within your fears
Blind-sided by devotion, release a waterfall of tears

Retreat once more to solitude, loneliness your friend
Sit in silence mesmerised at how much you did depend
Shielded from the vanity, rejection and despair
Time taken to reflect on the heart that must repair
And vow once more the walls of ice you’ll build will last
Gone is the hunger you once sought, in the icy caves you’ll fast
Before again venturing to the world that lies outside
To once again seek harmony and a soul that bursts with pride

© Fergus Martin