Sunday, 26 August 2012

Water Falls

Drops gather at the edge and fall,
tumbling like swooping swallows
dancing in the light
Cascading rivulets stream in torrents
over the rock hard fa├žade
and land bubbling in deep
effervescent wells
Reassuring solidity of support
gathers the now still waters
as the dam stems the tide
Stopped in their tracks
by the warm soothing
embrace of a lovers arms.

© Fergus Martin

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Question of Colour

Red pill or blue
Questions to be asked
Answer what’s true

Red pill or blue
Decisions to be made
Chosen by you

Red pill or blue
Journeys to be taken
Routes so few

Red pill or blue
Thoughts to be changed
Mind-set renew

Red pill or blue
Attitudinal shift
For them or for you

Red pill or blue
Which one for you
Red pill or blue?

© Fergus Martin

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Roaring Silence

Screaming cannon fire
That deafening cascade
Pounding on the walls
Colliding cannonade
And as the deluge stops
Silence all around
Fearful emptiness
Before the salvos pound

Never ending barrage
Calms only for a moment
Pounds at careful thought
Increasing in its torment
Walls torn by hardened shell
Fall shattered to the ground
Churning in confusion
No respite to be found

The pain I have is nothing
Compared to those I know
This minor weak infliction
Soon, in time, will go
And as I sit in silence
Cursing with each breath
I ponder their misfortunes
And marvel at their strength

© Fergus Martin

Friday, 17 August 2012

Addicted Love

When I awake each morn
You greet me with your warmth
When I embark upon my day
You permeate my being
When the mind becomes entangled
You bring clarity to thought
When I’m weary and in doubt
You ease and comfort me
When I struggle with my pains
You nurture selflessly
When I rest my head to sleep
Your sweet perfume caresses me
And when I wake in dark of night
You are always there

© Fergus Martin

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Like arrows
They fly
Piercing realities
Storming battlements
Ripping through nets
Like blades
They strike
Stabbing at souls
Destroying tranquilities
Breaking defences
Like cannons
They roar
Bringing their chaos
Blasting fortifications
Crumbling to ashes
Like fire
They sear
Torching dreams
Tearing through walls
Ripping to shreds
Like spears
They strike
Spike solid thoughts
Piercing realities
They fly
Like arrows

© Fergus Martin

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Climber

He climbs
Each move calculated
Handholds manicured
Plotting each and every route

Climbing over worn and battered faces
Each new hold a higher vantage point
Treads carefully on frail and weakened limbs
Sinews stretching over each and every joint
Grasping vital opportunities presented
Powers upward on the wall of woeful pain
Glory measured in each constructed stride
Considered calculation leads to the final gain

The pinnacle of this triumph now secured
Summit reached but not without objection
Atop the pile he stands proudly grinning
Heights ascent maintains career direction
Subjugated mountain lies dying at his feet
Vanquished peers all crumbled in his wake
Withered in the storm of ever forceful will
Thoughts turning to the next path he should take

Route plotted and completed
The climber soars

© Fergus Martin

The Dreamer

The Dreamer dreams
And drifts once more to places so familiar
A labyrinth of thoughts merging in self-doubt
He dreams alone
Footfall labours in the mire he has created
Maze of misconception turns and turns about
The Dreamer dreams
Of chasing solace from the nightmare of confusion
Of finding paths that lead him to redemption
He dreams in silence
The echo of his torture heard by none
No ears will listen to his mute expression
The Dreamer dreams
Hopes and promises once cherished are no more
How each decision he has taken led to this
He dreamt awake
And dreams reality fall starkly into focus
The poisons in his dreams are life’s abyss

© Fergus Martin

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Elemental Warriors

Erect upon the skyline
Towers over all below
His arms lie still and calm
Watching as the rivers flow
Long carpet spreads before him
Patchwork quilts of gold and green
Sparkling in the moistened dawn
No movement to be seen
His brothers mill around him
Gaze out upon the scene
Wait with shining blades secured
Polished, glistening, serene
As morning breath approaches
To the west their heads now turn
Watching as the fury mounts
They will not flee, they will not run
And as the storm surrounds them
Blades flash and energise
Twisting with each passing thrust
The toil of clansmen pacifies
Elemental battle over
Becalmed they stand at peace
And as they do on every day
Await the coming breeze

© Fergus Martin

Saturday, 4 August 2012

In Harbour Town

Nestled snugly in the harbour
They bob on rising tide
Tugging at the anchor lines
Craft manicured with pride
Taste of salt and smell of kelp
Embrace and swallow me
As I move away from her
She calls mournfully to me

Stallions of the winter storms
Crash softly on the shore
Raging power of winter reigns
Now summer calm once more
White horses running at a trot
Race homeward from the sea
Passing now the dancing hooves
She calls once more to me

Trampling on the golden sand
Hoards gather in the sun
Wooden boards full of voices
Excitement on the run
Splish sploshing in the shallows
Small faces filled with glee
And as I gracefully move past
She calls once more to me

Broad strokes upon the canvas
Bring life to parchment pale
An easel perched upon it’s stand
Artist’s fingers small and frail
Capturing the sight and feel
Of winged fishers diving free
Moving from the painter’s view
She calls once more to me

Out past the pointing headland
Old fishermen go trawling
For the catch of silver darlings
Calm horizons ever sprawling
Below the rippled surface
Shoals glide glistening and free
And as the boats turn homeward
She yells gleefully to me

Drift back toward the shelter
Of the solid harbour wall
Returning slowly on the tide
Yearning for her call
She hovers high above
As I bounce against the quay
At each and every dawn
She calls once more for me

© Fergus Martin

Demon Slayer

My world has seen pain
And it’s share of woe
But I realise now
It need not be so
I wake, I breathe,
I live another day
And every day that this repeats
Another demon I will slay

© Fergus Martin