Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Wait

I did it
Did what?
You know
Good luck with that

Good god
Why did I tell him
Should have kept to myself
Fool that I am
I’m enough of a wreck

What will he say?
Who will he tell?
What will she say?
Will they all give me hell?

Just ignore what they say
I tell myself
They do no matter
Only one person
I want to flatter

But will she listen
To my soft gentle request
Will she respond
And ease my pounding chest

At the end of my tether
With her the puppeteer
Holding the strings to my heart
Will she calm my fear?
Will she cross the void?
That keeps us apart

If she says no
What then?
Will they all laugh
Behind deadpan faces
Keep telling myself
All will be fine
Whatever the outcome

Nervous anticipation
That pit in my stomach
That deafening sound of the telephone
It’s her!

© Fergus Martin