Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mind Your Step

Bugger that hurts like a bitch
And it only began as an itch
So I gave it a scratch with me finger
Now it looks like Meat Loaf the singer
So I went to the doc in the town
And he looked at the foot with a frown
Put you down for some pills said he
Take them a week said he
But the foot it grew and it swelled
Slightest touch of the skin and I yelled
Bugger this for laugh so I dressed
Back to the doc with the mess
Muttering away his garbled prognosis
And no, was certainly not halitosis
Bad reaction to fine penicillin
At that moment I wanted to kill him
So he penned me a script for more meds
Now I rattle like old rusty beds
My mates laugh at my troubles and pains
Saying you got the “Garlic Bread Aids”
No fun when you can’t don a boot
Severe case of manky “Mould Foot”

© Fergus Martin