Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Woodturner’s Big Day

So many things could be said about you
Bout your chainsaw and man-hut and all
Of the way that you always think not of yourself
But see the good in the folks one and all

Leaving your home as a young man
Travelling south to seek fortune and fame
Finding wood and a welcome so heartfelt
And the apple that kicks in the brain

A kite-boarding legend at ease in his suit
With real ale in your hand you’re at home
Chopping trees with your saw when they fall
A craftsman who’s times never his own

Off to his hut goes the man from the north
As she thinks of hotels with champagne
And walking on cliffs on the southerly coast
In the sunset became strong once again

And so from the lady that comes from the south
To the jester that fills up her life
Here’s to another great birthday you imp
So glad that you made me your wife

© Fergus Martin