Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Just Another Day

The shrill scream shatters the cold morning silence
as the sound of a cat being throttled drifts through the window.
But soon the faltering feline regains her haltering voice
sweetly lamenting the loss of a lover in times gone past.

As he gazes wistfully into the day, a flash of gold catches his eye
as it swoops towards the unharvested yellow fields of bounty.
Returning to the sky clasping its prey tightly in powerful talons
another meal for the grasping mouths of the next generation

In the distance the river bounces over a floor of weathered stones
twisting and dashing down the path to the great beyond.
The salmon will leap up its path during the coming season
dancing merrily towards the ancestral breeding grounds of hope.

As the clouds slowly darken over, grey clouds threaten to erupt
but pass to nothing as the golden orb rises from its slumber.
As it warms the rustling dew laden leaves of the small wood on the hill,
they reach out and unfurl in the welcoming bright dawn.

The howl of the wolf shakes him from his blissful reverie
as he cries out to his lifelong companion and welcomes the morn.
He turns from the page and abandons the thoughts in his head
seeks out sustenance for all and so begins another perfect day.

© Fergus Martin