Thursday, 20 February 2014

People Watching

Lingering on the very edge of the insanity
of a world that has lost touch with humanity,
for one single spark of realisation
from this sycophantic population
that there is more,
much more,
than the insular life and existence
they project with utter insistence
that all that they do
and all that they say
should be the world's dying embrace
the epitaph for the human race.

© Fergus Martin

Feb 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Memories Flow Like Rivers

Rivers flow on the cliffs of pearl
Droplets trickle and fall to earth,
Evaporate like mist on the wind.

Streams that spring from sunken holes
Pouring from the heart that's broken,
Leaving chasms in the soul that's lost.

My eyes have wept a thousand oceans
That fell upon the unspoiled sands,
Now swept away on tides of hope.

© Fergus Martin
Feb 2014

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Shadow existence where once there was light
Cloaked in your darkness and all of its might
Deep in your heart your tainted wounds cry
Sins of your past you cannot deny
Chameleon cloak hides the world from your ills
The light in your eyes hides bittersweet pills
Thoughts of the past roam free and unbridled
Covering tracks of a sin, sad and unrivalled

Chameleon princess I know what you hide
The darkest of secrets you've buried inside
I know what you did on that cool summer's eve
An act of betrayal you cannot reprieve
As you plunged in the dagger without regret
No remorse on a face I'll never forget
On this day of all days I remember it well
The unforgiving secret you never can tell

The shame you hide as you smile for bouquets
No more will my heart jump at your gaze
Chameleon existence hiding the truth
The heart that was broken, the living proof
Shades that you wear are transparent to me
As you pretend that your life is now free
The truth of it all you can never reveal
Lies in your eyes you can never conceal

As I look at you now I walk away gladly
Knowing my life will never end sadly
Pain that you caused gave me strength to survive
As I walk with my shadows I know I'm alive
Chameleon lady give a thought to your soul
With the lies you pronounce you will never be whole
Chameleon lady I bid you one last goodbye
With a smile on my face and a shine in my eye

© Fergus Martin

Feb 2014