Monday, 26 May 2014


Stretching out with every sinew
She steps onto the uneven path
Through every twist and turn
She throws herself

She meets the challenge
Of every manoeuvre
With grace

Until she ends
Perfectly poised
In control

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Symphony For A Stranger

Dappled moonlight spreads its wings upon the beach
Casting shadows on the dunes of golden brown
Logs crackle in the darkness of sweet midsummer's night
Fingers dancing with abandon as they reach up to the sky
Warm summer breeze caresses the shimmering waves
As prancing ponies weave their path gently to the shoreline
The kiss of sunlight brushes briefly across my face
It's warm breath soothing the skin and calming the soul

A multitude of camp-fires
Sing out loud and strong
Songs that mingle in the firelight
Songs of life and love forlorn
Songs of happiness and joy
And the summer's waking call

This scene of stunning beauty stretches out before my eyes
Rhythmic bodies twist in time with the motion of the stars
Friends new and old rejoice in the welcome they have found
Families and friends gathered on the rippling water's edge
Birds singing in time with the rhythm of their music
Seaweed and sea-spray and charcoal permeates the air
I recognise the face of perfection reflected in the flames
A momentary glance drifting slowly through the crowd

In this company of these strangers
I stand alone amidst the throng
Sands of time slip slowly out to sea
Washed away with morning sunrise
I know she saw not me

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Heavy Horse

The mist creeps over the waking canal
The splash of ripples echo on the bank
Shadowy figures emerge into the daylight
Slow clapping of metal on stone wakes the day

Dampness of the dew lies light upon the soil
Unturned the pasture lies fallow in the dawn
Ploughman's lunch lies untouched within its bag
Rhythmic stride cuts new furrows in the field

Coal dust sprinkles the choking air of the pit
Tunnels echo to the beat of the hammers fall
Blackened faces load their bounty on the cart
Thudding hooves bring black gold to the light

Smell of death permeates the morning sky
Valleys crackle to the sound of clashing steel
Foot soldiers stand and watch in fear and awe
As mounted warriors charge upon their ranks

Bullets sing their song of silence in the air
Symphony of death that echoes cross the land
Man rides his beast into the blanket of destruction
The clatter of the armour charging once again

A legacy in history that rises every day
Partnership that's grown through the time of man
Simple bonds of friendship conquering their dreams
The heavy horse looks out upon another dawn

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Freedom Road

Walking the road to tranquillity
This heart has been torn and twisted
Rebuilt on the path of stability
Caressed and cajoled till it's lifted

Travelling the path of humility
This life that was battered and bruised
Reach out to the minds of hostility
Nurture the hearts of those that abused

Standing on the edge of fragility
Look down on the past that has gone
Dream quiet in depths of anonymity
Seek solace in the soul that's reborn

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Thursday, 22 May 2014


You are the book that I keep open
You are the tale that never ends
You are the wind that fills my sails
You are the love that none transcends

You are the song that scales the heights
You are the hope beyond all hope
You are the rhythm to my laughter
You are my life's kaleidoscope

You are the storm on the horizon
You are the blossom in the spring
You are the essence of the seasons
Your life to me is everything

You are the fire that burns within
You are the ice that melts my soul
You are the sun that lights my life
Yours is the love that keeps me whole

You are the dream within my dreams
You are the dance that steps in time
You are the fragrance of the valley
Yours is the heart that captures mine

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Friday, 16 May 2014

The Journey

Turn Left
Turn Right
Straight on
Journey's End

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ode to Life

Waves of desperation lap the shores
Rolling tides of thunder drown the silence
Dancing horses gallop in the shallows
Swirling depths reveal the hidden truth
Twenty years of pain ride out the storm

The dawn reveals its purpose for the day
Mist covers up the tracks of its confusion
Light breaks down the doors to hallowed halls
Opens up the shadows to the truth
Twenty years of love each day reborn

Forest branches swing in gay abandon
Encroaching down upon the paths within
Dark roads survive under the shining light
Reveal the journey taken to the truth
Twenty years of hurt that bind anew

Valleys green with envy wake renewed
Sustenance of man buds in its beginnings
Bursting forth with life in furrowed fields
Shoots dazzle in the sun point to the truth
Twenty years of joy since finding you

© Fergus Martin

May 2014


Birds fell quiet in the woods
Cold night fell across the valley
Darkness dripped it's naked warning
The time to feast had come to be
Lips were licked in sweet anticipation
Fingers cracking shattering the night
Tongues were sharpened to a razors edge
Power surged through the veins of bitterness
The hunt was on and the night had just begun

Flickering light filled the room
Shadows danced upon the walls
Watching for the one that would fall
The time to twist the knife was close
Smiles widened as the hunt took shape
Unknowing victim of the blood lust taking shape
Evil incarnate strides the waves upon his search
Unsheathes his weapons as he stalks the night
The hunt had just began, the hunt was now

Tapping fingers move and sway
Into the night he drives his knife
Cutting deep into the mortal soul of man
Another victim falls to the evil of the troll
The nightime world is his domain
The shadows of the night is the time that he attacks
When brains are addled in the darkness of the world
Confusion reigns and he strikes with bitter tongue
In this hunt he allows no rescue from his evil

Another world inside this world
His domain is the life of silent stalking
The unsuspecting recipient his evil prey
As his words bite through the outer skin
He plunges deeper into the quagmire of the soul
His poisoned chalice in the softly chosen words
Troll gathers up his victims of the night
Toothless grin belies his bitter heart of evil
Another virtual victim has been hunted to its end.

© Fergus Martin

May 2014   

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Take A Different Path

Walk in the sunlight
Dance in the rain
Wander in moonlight
Bask in the sun
Stare at the moon
Study the trees
Get out the room
Travel the world
Stroll down the street
Engage with people
Smile when you meet
Embrace the light

Come out the shadows
Leaving the dark
Forgo the shallows
That stifle your life
Embrace the future
The past was a dream
Abandon the creature
You had become
Walk in the sunlight
Dance in the rain
Stare at the starlight
Live once again

© Fergus Martin

May 2014