Saturday, 3 November 2012

Smile Through The Rain

Raindrops spun in pirouettes three feet in the air
As I merrily ride on with not a worry nor care
Flat calm of the reservoir danced in the downpour
Winds howled through the hills with a deafening roar
Push onwards, upwards, climbing out this depression
Each turn of the pedal another sure sign of progression

As I thrust ever forward my thoughts turn inside
Remember the day when all my fears were multiplied
That chat by the fireside that shook me to the core
Leaving the building my life had changed for evermore
A warm summers day lay rent, tattered, torn and disfigured
In a trance I walked off, through the streets so bewildered

Now I sit on the summit under a sky bleeding tears
On the crest of the hill, I have conquered those fears
Rain sodden grin challenges grey skies around me
At the storm, at the top of my voice, I scream like a banshee
And in that rain soaked moment I again feel alive
Look forward to the journey now that hopes been revived

© Fergus Martin