Friday, 8 June 2012

The Final Solution

Night crawls by, echoing in its silence
Moving through the dawn unfettered
Stare soulfully as the sun creeps higher
And mourn the arrival of another new day
Thoughts fall, spark and painfully fail to ignite
But cascade over stony riverbeds of despair
Colliding and clashing over waterfalls of confusion
Tumbling out to roam the wilderness of isolation

Twisted in comprehension and misconception
Faltering in its clarity, the mind wanders unbalanced
The soft spoken word becomes a sharp edged retort
A barb slicing through the soul, ripping to the raw
Stagnation and deprivation magnify the insecurity
Casual comment becomes the blade of the assassin
Amplifying the inner screams of bitter betrayal
Fuelling the fire of angst that flickers dimly in the soul

Locked firmly in the chains of endless loathing
Incarcerated in the realm of fading hope
A maelstrom of madness revels in its finality
Wallowing in failure, torment’s victory complete
One final retreat waits patiently as light fades
The portal flung open, black hole welcomes the broken
Enticing, persuading, the precipice ever tempting
Stepping into the dark,
It ends

© Fergus Martin