Monday, 31 December 2012

Wandering Words

New Year
Same fear
Dreams tossed
Love lost
Dreams turned
Love spurned

Shattered dreams
Mind screams
Bloodied knife
Widowed wife
Dogs howl
Smells foul

Poisoned wood
Starved of food
Rivers dry
Glassy eye
Burning grass
Blocked path

Hallowed ground
Never found
Frozen time
Same old rhyme
Rhythm jilted
Words stilted

Razor’s edge
Cliff ledge
Learn to fly
Riding high
Floating down
Rushing ground

Eyes open
Words spoken
Fresh dawn
New morn
Awake again
Nightmare ends

© Fergus Martin

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Dark as night the depths within
The surface beckons
Pulling at the soul of sin
The hangman reckons

Reckoning the hand of fate
The noose it tightens
Knotted yarn begins to grate
Grip he lightens

Lightening unseeing eyes
The vision clears
Silver dazzles moonlit skies
And river’s tears

Tearfully reflecting joy
And new tomorrows
Hangman’s noose forgotten toy
Forgetting sorrows

Sorrow passes without pause
Travelling southward
To overcome becomes the cause
Whilst moving forward

Forward dashes hope renewed
Fresh perspectives
Clarity of thought imbued
With new directives

Directed efforts channelled on
To greater heights
Breaking from the past that’s gone
And darkened nights

Nightly dreams forge the path
A new solution
Escaping now internal wrath
To Resolution

© Fergus Martin

Friday, 21 December 2012

New Tomorrow

What do you believe in?
What do you trust?
When your head explodes like a cannonball
Full of wanton disgust
Horror at the sights that you witness
Disdain at ignorance surrounding
Every grace given kindness you offer
Cruel hearts wilful compounding
Do you hope for salvations redemption?
As the end of the world passes by
Trust humanity changes forever
All is good in the blink of an eye
Delusions are all that become
Of illusions of man changing his ways
No hope without fresh new beginnings
So you dream for the end of all days

© Fergus Martin

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Seasons Dreams

Summer came and I played
Running through the streets
And terrorising neighbours
Not a care to be had
Thinking only of the now
And the moment
The precious moment
Of enjoyment
And happiness
Skinned knees and bruises
Trees to climb
Oh the trees, tall
Proud and invincible
There to be conquered
As each and every day
Challenging my recklessness

Spring arrived play became serious
The competitive edge arrived
And I scrapped for every victory
Every ounce of my body
Strived for success
And my mind
Emboldened by knowledge
Looked to the years ahead
The bright future
Steeled by the skill within me
Enlightened by my never-ending
Thirst for wisdom
And the fortunes that awaited me
As I conquered
Each and every challenge
Blocking my path to glory

Autumn turned the leaves of life
To shades unrecognisable before
Bright hues of distant memories
Dimmed to harsh realities
Glory days look far away
And never to be reached
As I face the silent slumber
Of an enemy that strikes at will
From nowhere comes the
Unrelenting force
That knocked me to my knees
And took away my dreams
Shattering my waking hours
Vanquishing my every move
As each and every day
My eyelids droop unwillingly

As winter falls upon me
Dreams I had for glory
Replaced by dreams uncalled for
My fortunes lost to weariness
As every day becomes
A battle to stay alert
Awake to cast off shadows
That haunt my every move
Steal my cherished moments
As minutes turn to hours
Drifting to the silence of sleep
Losing out on life’s adventure
Looking back in moments few
Of the dreams that I once had
As each and every day
This slumber strikes me down

© Fergus Martin

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


They call me twisted
They call me evil
They call me wicked
They call me fecal
They call me stupid
They call me blight
They call me irresponsible
They call me spite

They call to me for welcome
They call to me for relief
They call to me for sanctuary
They call to me for peace
They call to me for freedom
They call to me to attend
They call to me in darkness
They call on me their friend

© Fergus Martin

Through The Stars

My previous post consisted of work that Miriam Dunn had added to this, the original piece:

Drifting and weaving
through the swirling constellation
of stars forever plunging
out of the dark still silence.
The only sound
the steady throbbing
of the heart of the beast
as she slides forever forward.
Slowly, surely, steadily
picking a path through
the myriad of mayhem
seeking out the final destination.
The last port of call
in a journey through
the open spaces of the
empty, quiet, still void.
And the beast pushes on
through the bitter silence
of stars colliding in harmony
before my eyes.
Stars part and in the
emptiness crisp shapes form,
slowly silhouetting against
the backdrop of daybreak.

© Fergus Martin

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Through The Stars (I Must Go On)

Drifting and weaving
my thoughts leave me
through the whirling constellation of stars forever plunging
I sink to the depth
out of the dark still silence
I send out my call.
The only sound, the steady throbbing,
my heart explodes
the heart of the beast.
I slip along the wild line
as she slides forever forward
haunting and hunting.
Slowly, surely, steadily
careful as I go
one step in front of the other.
Danger surrounds me
picking a path through the myriad of mayhem.
I will be home soon
seeking out the final destination.

The last port of call,
I smell the flesh of hunting’s end
in a journey through the open spaces of the
empty, quiet, still void.
I must go on.
And the beast pushes on
it is in my nature
through the bitter silence
I hear the shadow,
the darkness has a cry
of stars colliding in harmony
Before my eyes.

The sky tells me I am not alone
I must go on.
Stars part and in the emptiness crisp shapes form
I see my constellation and it rises
slowly silhouetting against
the backdrop of daybreak.
I must go on.

© Fergus Martin and Miriam Dunn

Wee Archie

Soaked to the skin
Wi a cheeky wee grin
Got his maw in a muddle
Knee deep in thon puddle
Splish sploshing in wellies
Right up tae his belly
King O’ The Mire
Lord O’ His Shire
A wee hooligan
Dis a’ that he can
Tae drive his da daft
But the big man just laughs
Wi Eck and the dugs
Barney cuddled up snug
That cheeky wee lad
Who’s no a’ that bad
Big brothers he’ll taunt
Wi a happy wee jaunt
Mind, go hide thon biscuit
Afore the wee man he nicks it
Jist a word tae the wise
Afore  thae cheeky wee eyes
Melts a’ tae the core
Wi a heart gold and pure
His maw’s pride and joy
Da’s gallous wee boy
Archie Holligan young fella
A stoatin wee belter.

© Fergus Martin

Return of The Prodigal

And lo it came to pass
That he returned from the wilderness
Bearing not gifts
Nor the fruit of his labours
Merely the dry throat
Of a weary traveller
And the hungry mouth
Of the forgotten child
Returning like the prodigal
From his life in exile
Seeking once more
The sanctuary of home

© Fergus Martin

Water of Life

Lift up the jug and pour.
Watch carefully as life pours;
streaming swiftly over
the ragged rocks of reality;
before settling slowly down
in the still pools of normality.
Eventually evaporating
in the still silence of oblivion.

© Fergus Martin


Always On
Wired to the world
Information overload
Every moment another choice
Another journey
Another trip outside the door
Instant gratification at the fingertips
Oh the panic that spins the head
As it falls silent
Connection lost
Isolation in the wilderness
No news, no sound, no vision
Empty blank screens
Screaming to the void

© Fergus Martin

On Precious Ears

Exploding stars light up the night
Wheels tumble, spin whilst standing still
Winter’s breath from children’s mouths erupts
Flame dances without effort through the sky
Little eyes gaze up in total wonder
Figurines dance playfully on high
Effigies rise high above the skyline
Torch touches fuel bursting into flames
Explosions rock the building quenching sound
Hammer blow that falls on canine ears
As twinkling fireflies dance in the shadows
Seeking refuge she wanders empty rooms
Popping pyrotechnics through the night
Flashes up above attract crowds large and small
Winter’s night is warmed by burning candles
My precious fears this one night most of all

© Fergus Martin