Friday, 25 October 2013

Alive in Your World

With every word you leave me breathless,
filling my every waking moment with desire,
the hunger that knows no bounds,
the intoxicating breathe of freshness
enlightening this shallow soul.
The very touch of you excites me,
in ways I could never believe imaginable,
exciting me with each gentle caress,
and as you breathe new life in me,
my lust for you grows stronger.
As I dive between your covers,
I enter a world of fantasy and joy,
fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams,
delivered to unrivalled heights
and I yearn for more.
In every silent moment that we share,
my world becomes alive at the thought of you,
every stolen second of solitude I endure,
your comfort and intensity pulls me through,
and I live for another taste.
Each word, each touch, every nuance,
draws me deeper into your labyrinth world,
enticing me into the arms of a stranger,
a lover, a friend, a guide through the void,
and I pray I never escape.

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

To Make Man Cry

We wandered through the streets of gold
You and I
We shuffled through the fields of gold
In days gone by
We listened to the tales of old
With tear in eye
We wondered if we'd be as bold
To make men cry

We hurried through our darkest days
You and I
We dallied in the summer haze
In days gone by
We saw the things that changed man's ways
With tear in eye
We hoped that we could be so brave
To make men cry

We talked about the things we shared
You and I
We dreamed together as we cared
In days gone by
We lived each day as we dared
With tear in eye
We craved the questions that would dare
To make men cry

We danced in limbo when we met
You and I
We played our tunes without regret
In days gone by
We laughed with joy on days well spent
With tear in eye
We sought the words that could be set
To make men cry

And as each moment passes by
We never think of what has been
But only of life passing by
And what was shared but never seen
The words that came and passed us by
That fell to earth in a dream
Songs that screamed and made man cry

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013

Sunday, 20 October 2013

It is

It is what it is
Until it is done
And when it is done
What it has become
Is what it is

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013

In Search Of The Siren

Fog crawls over snow frosted peaks
Candyfloss covering ice cream tips
Slowly drifting like a river downstream
Melting away with the touch of dawn
Reveal cragged edges worn through time
Slipping away in the mists of the morning
Vista changes, becomes a landscape of steel
Twisted metal corpses glisten in the sun
Solidity of sanctuary wallows in ruin
Empty streets ring with their silence
The life that was here dead and forgotten
Lost and betrayed by the ravages of man
Shining seas now glimmer and taunt
Shallow waters that calmed and caressed
Glistening now from the flames on the surface
Haze of the sun no longer reflected
As the tide washes out, bones lie unmoving
And the calm waters edge invites you to dance
On the horizon, the siren, she beckons
With the smile of a clown you dance to her call
Reaching out for the warm caress of her touch
Her toothless smiles reveal the truth in her song
And with eyes wide open pull back from her grasp
Fall into the waters shaking with fear
That pestilent world, forgotten for now
Deep in your soul you await her return
Like a time-delayed bomb going off in your head
When next you lay down, her revenge will be spiteful
Till you wake in a sweat soaked crib on your own
And your life flashes by, all at once, in a dream

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fading Of The Light

When the lights go out,
what will you feel inside?
Will the triumphs of existence
flash like beacons in your mind?
When the lights go out,
where will your shadows be?
Safe within a feathered realm,
or lost on a ghostly sea?
When the lights go out,
what will your darkness bring?
Thoughts of hazel wood and summer lawns,
or a grinning horn tipped king?
When the lights go out,
will you slumber with content,
Or will the flicking of the switch,
release the venom of dissent?
When the lights go out,
will you fight your fight once more?
Or succour to the voices,
that cry out to you: NO MORE?
When the lights go out,
will you escape this world of pain?
Release the manacles of fever,
break free of the binding chain?
When the lights go out,
and your life-force ebbs away,
as the echoes draw you closer,
darkness is but a whisper away.

© Fergus Martin
Oct 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013

Leap of Faith

The moment you'll never forget,
trepidation fills your every pore,
that long slow climb to this decision point.
From here, life will never be the same.
On the edge of reason you reach into nothingness
and embrace the adventure of the next precarious step.
Every emotion rolls into this moment
Decisions of the past pale into insignificance
This next step will be into the unknown
A journey never anticipated before
The noose that has been unfurled,
releases you into the future
dropping you into a world of adrenaline
and in this moment you feast,
gorging yourself on the freedom,
the wind that now flows freely around you,
the open highway you now travel,
free from the constraints of society,
and as you reach out to embrace the river of contentment,
you smile within.
And you know the leap of faith was true.

© Fergus Martin
Oct 2013

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Around The Campfire

Dominique listened intently
as mother described their world.
The blue hues of the shining seas,
the golden ears of corn bouncing in the breeze,
the delicate wind that rustled through forests of green
and the calming ripples of gentle streams.

Chantal listened intently
as mother revelled in its beauty.
High mountain ranges topped in snow,
long sweeping valleys cutting the landscape,
wide open rivers edged in a patchwork of pastures
and gentle rains falling on the cheeks of barefoot children.

Pasqual listened intently
as father described the ways of his world.
Great factories toiling in sprawling cities,
small town shops with gaily decorated windows,
manicured lawns tended by gardeners with pride,
and village greens where they gathered for summer fairs.

Frederic listened intently
as father marvelled at its invention.
Great metal machines that roamed from town to town,
on tracks of steel laid down by battalions of men,
black highways carving out routes through the land.
and sparks that spanned the skyline on pylons of power.

The children listened intently
as parent told tales of the past, of a time long ago.
As they gazed at their wilderness of sand and ruin,
they wept tears for the land that time had forgotten,
and they as one asked the question "What happened?"
"Man" said the parents, as the tears flowed once more.

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mirror To The Past

Every day I'm alive, I'm reminded of you
In every passing moment you are with me still
As each day unfolds the memories are awakened
The touching of nerves that have slept for so long
When I look in the mirror, my thoughts turn to you
Each furrowed brow another path to the past
The pallowed reflections echo your silence
And my thoughts turn beleaguered to you once again

Every breathe that I take is a breathe without you
The air that I breathe once was shared without thought
As we walked hand in hand upon beaches of gold
And sauntered through puddles laid down by the storm
The warmth of your touch kept me safe long ago
But now you are gone my fears are awakened
I long for the days when you held me so tight
As I stare at the eyes that gazed into yours

Long gone are the days that we spent together
As I sit here alone and gaze at my past
Through the mirror I see all the hope that was nurtured
As it echoes the past in the light of the present
I give thanks for the time that we spent together
But moving along I travel life on my own
You'll always be there tucked away in my thoughts
You guide me now on the path travelled alone

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013