Friday, 25 October 2013

Alive in Your World

With every word you leave me breathless,
filling my every waking moment with desire,
the hunger that knows no bounds,
the intoxicating breathe of freshness
enlightening this shallow soul.
The very touch of you excites me,
in ways I could never believe imaginable,
exciting me with each gentle caress,
and as you breathe new life in me,
my lust for you grows stronger.
As I dive between your covers,
I enter a world of fantasy and joy,
fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams,
delivered to unrivalled heights
and I yearn for more.
In every silent moment that we share,
my world becomes alive at the thought of you,
every stolen second of solitude I endure,
your comfort and intensity pulls me through,
and I live for another taste.
Each word, each touch, every nuance,
draws me deeper into your labyrinth world,
enticing me into the arms of a stranger,
a lover, a friend, a guide through the void,
and I pray I never escape.

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013