Sunday, 20 October 2013

In Search Of The Siren

Fog crawls over snow frosted peaks
Candyfloss covering ice cream tips
Slowly drifting like a river downstream
Melting away with the touch of dawn
Reveal cragged edges worn through time
Slipping away in the mists of the morning
Vista changes, becomes a landscape of steel
Twisted metal corpses glisten in the sun
Solidity of sanctuary wallows in ruin
Empty streets ring with their silence
The life that was here dead and forgotten
Lost and betrayed by the ravages of man
Shining seas now glimmer and taunt
Shallow waters that calmed and caressed
Glistening now from the flames on the surface
Haze of the sun no longer reflected
As the tide washes out, bones lie unmoving
And the calm waters edge invites you to dance
On the horizon, the siren, she beckons
With the smile of a clown you dance to her call
Reaching out for the warm caress of her touch
Her toothless smiles reveal the truth in her song
And with eyes wide open pull back from her grasp
Fall into the waters shaking with fear
That pestilent world, forgotten for now
Deep in your soul you await her return
Like a time-delayed bomb going off in your head
When next you lay down, her revenge will be spiteful
Till you wake in a sweat soaked crib on your own
And your life flashes by, all at once, in a dream

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013