Monday, 29 October 2012

News Flash

In October of this year I asked a number of friends in the G+ community to provide suggestions and ideas for a project that would see me publish one new piece every day, throughout the month of November. The idea was simple, they provide an idea, a concept, a memory or even just a title, and I would compose and publish these pieces daily and give the reasons (where given) that the person wished the piece written.

It may be a piece that is directed to a significant other, a memory from a youth that lingers long, an irritation in the world around us, a conceptual idea however large or small, or quite simply a title. The challenge for me was to interpret what the originator wanted, whist for them, the anticipation of their piece being published would grow, as no-one would be informed of which particular date their piece was to be published.

With only a couple of days to go till the first piece appears, I hope that you will take the time to follow the project as it develops. Oh, and do pop over to the links on the right hand side of the page and help yourself to one of the collections I have available.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


A boy walks along his chosen road
Young lad forever chasing footballs
Loud music blaring from the speakers
That was me

Leaving home brings home his laundry
Lived a life that should have killed him
Rode metal horses in bright colours
That was me

Saved by pledging life unto the green
Walked proud roads that could have killed him
Rode metal stallions into many battles
That was me

Before the mirror stands an old man
Who’s walked his road and lived his life
Stare as refection stares proudly back
It is me

© Fergus Martin

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tale Of The Tale

Scratching away
In the dead of night
Throwing down words
To the left, and the right
Reading them over
Discard and reject
Toss on the paper
Another concept
Scribble it down
Nothing has changed
Move them around
Words re- arranged

Lines on the parchment
Lacking in flow
Tweaking in places
A better tempo
Soon taking shape
Picture is growing
Pen oozing passion
Words are now flowing
Tale comes to fruition
In images bold
And now that it’s over
The story is told

© Fergus Martin

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Never Ending Fawn

So wonderful
So nice
I love everything you do
Your words they speak to me
Wish I could be like you
So talented
So fine
I love what you create
You sketch so perfectly
Sending love not hate

Words sounding so sincere
Hides a shallow little mind
So fawned upon, adored
Why are some so blind?
They fail to see what others can
Fooled by your deception
But I see through your platitudes
And swiftly change direction

© Fergus Martin

Midnight's Desire

I crave you
I want you
I cherish you
I need you
I hunger for you
I lust for your touch
I desire you
I need you so much
You ignore me
You despise me
You dismiss me
You reject me
You cast me aside
You throw me away
You defeat me
You will make me pay

Each day I adore you
At night I abhore you

© Fergus Martin


Fifteen minutes
For the common man

Fifteen minutes
Is what they say

Fifteen minutes
In fames sweet arm

Fifteen minutes
Will come your way

Constant coverage
For the chosen few

Constant coverage
Each twist and turn

Constant coverage
Of all they do

Constant coverage
In the rags they’ll burn

Which would you choose?
If you had the choice

Which would you choose?
If you had your way

Which would you choose?
If you had a voice

How would you choose?
To live your day

© Fergus Martin

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fleeing The Dragon

In the dragons shadow we stood tall
Looking north as the heat bore down
Rivers of sweat streamed from our pores
Ever rising humidity we wore like a gown

Taking our turn with the border patrol
Crouch in the shadows and wait the alarm
Squawk on the headset giving direction
Crawling quietly through another pig farm

Men from the north slice through the fence
Women and children rush through the holes
Escape from the north to evade in the south
Getting past the patrols the first of their goals

If they get to the city they can then disappear
But for now they must hurry, rush, get away
From the heat seeking eye high on the hill
Directing the mission that’s now underway

Homing in on the target we tighten the noose
Spring from the reeds we arrive unannounced
Caught in the ambush they meekly surrender
Shocked and surprised at how swiftly we pounced

A short taste of freedom, imprisoned once more
Carted off to the station and returned to the north
Still cling to the dream of escape to the south
We know in our hearts they’ll be back in a month

© Fergus Martin

Friday, 12 October 2012


With every word released
Another brick
Each sentence builds the wall
You hide behind
Concrete wall of words
Your hiding place
And in that tower of stone
Becoming blind

With every word you speak
Another brick
The rhythm of your words
A mechanism
We see you standing there
No need to shout
We’ve answered you before
We could not reach you

© Fergus Martin

Empty Shell

Pockets full of water
A bunnet full of lead
Reaching for intangibles
Down garden paths I’m led

Soft voices of delirium
Scream silent in the night
Solitude of ghostly shroud
Provides my only light

A bucket load of secrets
A saucer full of air
Searching for insolubles
Find only hangmans’ lair

Dark recesses opened
Unleash demonic host
Poison thoughts released
Maim those that mean the most

A hatful of bitterness
A cupboard full of dreams
Potent combination
Smashes all to smithereens

© Fergus Martin

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Slowly Rushing

We rushed headlong into lust
And fell slowly in love
Rushed on through virgin futures
Falling slowly into patterns
That rush of youth’s exuberance
Falling slowly to our tolerance
Speeding to our present
Slowly drifting from our past
Haste and chase with vigour
Soon slowly creep with rigour
Sprinting once with eagerness
Slowly settled now in comfort
Tho we dream of rushing once again
Slow fires of love we won’t replace

© Fergus Martin