Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fleeing The Dragon

In the dragons shadow we stood tall
Looking north as the heat bore down
Rivers of sweat streamed from our pores
Ever rising humidity we wore like a gown

Taking our turn with the border patrol
Crouch in the shadows and wait the alarm
Squawk on the headset giving direction
Crawling quietly through another pig farm

Men from the north slice through the fence
Women and children rush through the holes
Escape from the north to evade in the south
Getting past the patrols the first of their goals

If they get to the city they can then disappear
But for now they must hurry, rush, get away
From the heat seeking eye high on the hill
Directing the mission that’s now underway

Homing in on the target we tighten the noose
Spring from the reeds we arrive unannounced
Caught in the ambush they meekly surrender
Shocked and surprised at how swiftly we pounced

A short taste of freedom, imprisoned once more
Carted off to the station and returned to the north
Still cling to the dream of escape to the south
We know in our hearts they’ll be back in a month

© Fergus Martin