Sunday, 1 July 2012

Broken Bones

Standing high upon the edge of reason
Looking down he sees his own reflection
Unrecognisable by pain and anguish
Staring blankly seeking new direction
The withered frame he vaguely recalls
Weathered brow furrowed in anxiety
Searching for answers in familiar blue
Pits stare back reflecting broken society

The mirror to his soul bears grim foreboding
Casts shadows on the world outside the door
Walls of past securities crumble all around
Fruitful past now rotten to the core
On the edges of the glass he catches glimpses
Of treasured trips now fading in the mist
The skeletal remains of cherished memories
Crushed hopes shattered added to the list

Broken dreams that glimmer in remembrance
Darkened glass now revels in stagnation
Shifting points in time become as one
The toothless smiles grins back in revelation
Bones laid bare, flesh charred and poisoned
Betrayed by circumstance the mirror never lies
Reflected back at him his future beckons
Today’s reality is seen through saddened eyes

© Fergus Martin