Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Once Upon A Riddle

Weaver spins another silken yarn
Words woven work into a wondrous tale
Shuttle you through threads of meaning
Your safety blanket now worn and pale

Jester recites another story of old
Bewitching hands beguile and succour
The quartered cloak providing shelter
The path he led you on is now a detour

Fiddler scratches out another tune
Chords crafted carefully reach your soul
Furious fingers reach heightened crescendo
Leave you lost with no sight of your goal

Riddler riddles out another riddle
Switching the words in misdirection
He guides you to the gate of knowledge
Till you gaze at your own reflection

The jester and the fiddler
Weaver and the riddler
Go riddle me this
Is this what it is?

© Fergus Martin