Friday, 6 July 2012

In The Eye Of The Storm

To the rain as it gently wraps upon the window
Forming in droplets of incandescent mirrors
Sliding down the pane in rivulets and streams
Pooling on the ledge and sliding off the beams

To the sound as roaring thunder cracks still night
Rippling through the air in atmospheric waves
Cacophony of noise claps the beat of an ancient tune
Epicentre quakes and once more the waves resume

To the rhythm of globules bouncing upwards in spheres
A never ending deluge flooding arteries and veins
Regulated pounding forming waves amongst calm pools
Cascading waterfalls that shatter summers budding jewels

To the breath of the gale roaring raw through the eaves
Whipping up cyclones of cylindrical havoc and woe
Shredding rooftops of thatch reducing them to straw
Marvel at the eye of the storm with a power so raw

To the silence breaking out from the sweet rhythm of the rain
The multi speckled calm of rainbow archways broken down
Thunder laden clouds gather strength and release another deluge
Freshwater droplets released on sodden soil there is no refuge

And Wait,
For the storm clouds to pass and fade to lasting memories
Of lightning flashes crackling through interrupted passages
And for one brief memorable moment the monsoon pauses
Leaving everlasting damage un-paralleled in losses 

© Fergus Martin