Monday, 23 July 2012

Tidal Collision

Deep water flowing softly
Drifts with calm serenity
Mesmerising to the eye
Life casually rolls by
Below the rolling surface
Currents pop and dance
Bubbling with excitement
Strength remaining silent
Wanders on relentless
Power in extremus

Atopped with silver horses
Quicksilver never pauses
Charging ever downstream
With passion in extreme
Dancing over shallows
Bristling in the shadows
Teeming now with promise
Falls vengefully upon us
Powers on regardless
Riptide strong and heartless

Colliding forces crash and fall
Tidal front another brawl
Snatch control in feudal rage
Stand atop the victor’s stage
Subsuming vanquished waters
In carnal mental slaughters
Feasting on the weakened
All things cherished threatened
Till once more calm resumes
And peaceful beauty blooms

© F Martin