Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Full Length Mirror

Reflection in a full length mirror
Tells the story of a lived out life
The furrowed brow and wrinkles
Lay the tracks of angst and strife
Glossed over eyes, darkened rims
Protect the doorway to the soul
Once so bright and welcoming
Shield shattered mind not whole
Withered smile no longer sharp
Worn down to upturned curl
Cheerful grin long since departed
As the tales of time unfurl

Shoulders slumped in broken stance
No longer thrust back with pride
A chest that heaved a thousand sighs
Falls flat and silent, empty inside
Flat toned stomach consumed by time
Aged and scarred through an eon of use
Sinewy strength of a forgotten age
Flesh hangs on the branch too loose
Dexterity lost through manipulation
Skeletoid digits curled up like claws
Weathered palms replace the silken touch
Reflect life’s tale and all it’s flaws.

Thighs once bronzed and golden pillars
Strong trunks that carried body proud
Listing limply now like broken vessels
Stagger slowly through the madding crowd
Shattered knees destroyed by pounding
A million streets and hallowed ground
Ankles swell for no apparent reason
Muscle and tendons become weak and round
Where once were roots strong and supple
Now cracked veins support the tree
Gnarled broken toes reflect the final image
The full length mirror of a life lived free

© Fergus Martin