Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Alba Gu Brath

Cooling gently
the coffee sits patiently,
waiting to be supped.
The twin handled cup
shines in the sunlight,
dancing on the table.
Another cafe,
in another place.
Another day
in another world,
thinking only of you.

Over all these miles
my thoughts turn to you,
and the reason we are apart.
The coffee in the cup
reminds of the moments
we share when united.
Frothing on the surface
the quiet mountains of home
stare at me from the cup,
enticing me once more.
To think of you always.

Perched on the edge
the cocoa filled surprise
awaits it's reckoning,
full of welcoming sweetness.
The flavours dance
lightly on my tongue
and the memories explode.
I close my eyes
and I can taste your beauty.
Sitting in this other world.
I think of you.

The cacophony of sound
encircling this street cafe
deafens the sound of my thoughts
As I sit and remember
the sweetness of the song
you sing whenever I see you.
Smiling in the sunlight,
grinning inwardly with joy,
looking like a fool at play,
the others stare in silence.
As my thoughts turn to you.

Soon this day will end,
soon the journey home begins.
Soon I will be with you again,
and I will cherish every moment,
every second.
I reach for the coffee
and the mountains of home stare back
the valleys rise in the frothed ridges
your beauty reflected in a cup,
anchoring me in this world.
Bonding me, with you, forever.

© Fergus Martin

May 2014

Monday, 21 April 2014

Roll Of The Dice

I sit and wonder daily
what would my life have been
without you?
Without your arms around me
holding me so close that it hurts,
squeezing the life out of my
pain racked body?
What would I have become
without you?
Would I have withered and died
like flowers in the autumn,
drifting away to nothingness
like a cloud dissolving in the sunlight?
What would have I been
without you?
Without your daily comfort,
without the companionship of a friend,
without the constant pushing to achieve
What would my life have descended to
without you?
Would I have sailed upon
the oceans of liquid reality,
suffered at the point of a needle?
Where would I have ended up
without you?
Buried in rags on the corner
sleeping in the headlines of the day
bereft of humanity,
devoid of soul,
lost and alone in the wilderness of ruin?
If it were not for you,
I would have fallen.
If you were not there to catch me,
I would have drowned.
If it were not for you
I would not be.

© Fergus Martin

April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Short Story

"Write!" they said
"Write?" I said
"Right" they said

You know my grammar aint that bad
I know some stories, some quite sad
Put pen to paper what would I write
Of men and mice? Of weak and might?
Perhaps I'll write about my day
And in a sentence save the day
Punctuation sits in this place
A comma here not blank space
The tales I'll tell within this ryhme
They all begin once upon a time
I remember once I had a dream
On tramadol, t'was tangerine
Crazy tales that spin and spiral
Words of wisdom becoming viral
Written now upon the page
Look out of place without inner rage
And so to write they tale they wanted
The hero charges fear undaunted
The heather burns, the words not perfect
Something's wrong, what's been neglected
Colloquial is what it should be
A web is woven t'ween you and me
A thousand words were in my head
Until the wife said go to bed
And in the morning they were gone
Stories left untold lie forlorn

© Fergus Martin

Apr 2014

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Life In The Goldfish Bowl

What you see is NOT what you get
Words that are said are acts of illusion
Tears that are spilled hide moments of joy
Friendship displayed is an enemy's ploy
Your support in the storm is a leaf in the breeze
What you expect is not what transpires
That momentary moment of satisfaction
Crushed in the reality of misdirection
Thief in the night that steals all your hope
Leaving you stranded, depressed and alone
It is not what it seems when first it appears
And when it is done leaves nothing but fear

© Fergus Martin

Apr 2014

Half Past Awake

Caught in the gap between reality and nightmares
Seconds feel like hours stranded in a single moment
Clocks tick slowly as the mind accelerates in fury
Thoughts drifting on the tides of a never-ending swell
Nocturnal sounds become a cacophony of violence
Every heartbeat echoes in the chambers of your silence
The clock hands moves another minute in an hour
As the mind drifts quietly into the darkness of the night
Caught in the shadow world between truth and fiction
Sounds flow into the distance and slowly disappear
Visions of the mind become clearer in the dark
Finally the body overcomes its weary state
But in those moments just before the dawn of sleep
A mind has coalesced into thoughts now unexplained
As the veil is drawn once more upon another day
The silence that was deafening now slips quietly away.

© Fergus Martin

Apr 2014