Monday, 21 April 2014

Roll Of The Dice

I sit and wonder daily
what would my life have been
without you?
Without your arms around me
holding me so close that it hurts,
squeezing the life out of my
pain racked body?
What would I have become
without you?
Would I have withered and died
like flowers in the autumn,
drifting away to nothingness
like a cloud dissolving in the sunlight?
What would have I been
without you?
Without your daily comfort,
without the companionship of a friend,
without the constant pushing to achieve
What would my life have descended to
without you?
Would I have sailed upon
the oceans of liquid reality,
suffered at the point of a needle?
Where would I have ended up
without you?
Buried in rags on the corner
sleeping in the headlines of the day
bereft of humanity,
devoid of soul,
lost and alone in the wilderness of ruin?
If it were not for you,
I would have fallen.
If you were not there to catch me,
I would have drowned.
If it were not for you
I would not be.

© Fergus Martin

April 2014