Saturday, 22 June 2013

Actions and Consequences

The day you lied to your mother
The day you told on your brother
The day you skipped that exam
The day you didn't lend a hand
The day you got that tattoo
The day you loosened that screw
The day you let down that tyre
The day you kindled that fire
The day you strangled that cat
The day you stole your friends hat
The day you beat on your wife
That day you gave up on life
That day you realised that actions
Are consequences waiting to happen

© Fergus Martin

Jun 2013

Solidity In A Turbulent World

Pebble in the sand
Rolled and smoothed in natures hand
Pushed and pulled in ebbing tide
Glistening whilst flowing waters fight
Pebble in the sand
Tossed around by another's hand
Rides once more the crests and waves
Sinks again to the fisherman's grave
Pebble in the sand
Caressed again in playful hands
Edges smoothed amid summer storms
Rides the waves of life reborn

Boulder on the hill
Worn smoothed in warmth and chill
Splintered from the stagnant rock
Immobile now just taking stock
Boulder on the hill
Weathered stone patiently still
Settled in its resting place
Stands tall and proud with stoic grace
Boulder on the hill
Bordered with a fragrant frill
Soaking up the summer rains
Solid rock through life's hurricanes

Rock astride the stream
Braced against the tidal screams
Deflecting ripples of the world outdoors
Stands fast and strong amid the roars
Rock astride the stream
Pushed and pulled by hands unseen
Rigid calm amid life's disorder
A solid point in cascading water
Rock astride the stream
River guardian stands supreme
Proudly defiant amid the flotsam of life
Pillar of strength in a world full of strife

© Fergus Martin

Jun 2013

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New Dawn

Wake to the sounds of another day
Another revolution has been spun
Breathe the first breath of gentle morn
Taste the dawn in the spiralling air
Dawn's curtains slowly slip away
Revealing the warm shoulders of the sun
Sleeps rusted flakes shake loose and fall
Welcome the pain of the onrushing rays
Stretching sinews embrace another dawn
Open your eyes and see potential in the world
Look out upon the endless vistas of possibility
See the morning rays shine upon fresh hope

© Fergus Martin

June 2013