Friday, 26 April 2013

Label Me, I Dare You

People have tried to pin me down
People have tried to label me
People think they know who I am
They know nothing

People have tried to get inside my head
People have tried to get to know me
People think they understand who I am
They know nothing

People have tried to enter my world
People have tried to be what I am
People think they can live for me
They know me not

People have tried to read my mind
People have tried to see what I see
People think they are in tune with me
They know me not

People have tried to identify with me
People have tried to feel what I feel
People think they sense everything I am
They are not me

No matter how they try
They will never be me
I am what I am
And always will be
No matter how much they profess
To be as one with you
Always remember
There is only one ME.

© Fergus Martin
Apr 2013

The Death Of Black Gold

Death stalked the valleys with a twisted smile
Reaping vengeance on the belligerent
Iron will of devastation could not be turned
Stamping hooves of the acolyte stifling resistance

And in a thousand valley homes
Black stained rivers ran on the faces of the broken
Tears for the death of a life in the dust filled depths
The seams of black gold will echo no more

Villages fell and communities died in the night
All at the sweep of Death’s sharp blade
Slicing through years of mis-managed neglect
With no thought to the lives and worlds to be forfeit

The wheels of their world turn no more and lie silent
Deep dark shafts echo with the bitter cries of the past
Black gold remains but is left untouched in the dark
Still the tears fall for the lives they once had

And in a thousand valley homes
Across villages throughout this great land
Effects of the blade cut deep and are never forgotten
As dreams became forfeit at the stroke of the blade

Black gold now comes from lands far afield
Bought on the cheap back of slave labour rates
Shipped in dark holds at a cost our own
And villages weep as they crumble and die

© Fergus Martin
Apr 2013

Monday, 22 April 2013

Brain Freeze

There are many words
That spin inside my head
And most of them remain,

I came across a man
Just the other night
Who become two men
Much to my delight
A man of many voices
Bouncing this way and that
With Machine gun speed
And a Rat, tat, tat
And when those voices spoke to him
He listened carefully
He chose his answers wisely
And smiled most merrily

“Shut up”

He said listen to the voices
And you may understand
That wherever they may take you
Is not at your command
Emboldened I sought refuge
In the words that he had said
And listen to those voices
Deep within my head
But my voices seem so frail
Most certainly not clever
They sound so weak and fragile
Like a badly tuned zither

“Oh shut up”

But I listen carefully
To see where they will go
And wander just like Alice
Down that sleepy rabbit hole
A hole so deep and welcoming
It spirals into emptiness
And Alice, lovely Alice
Grabs tightly to her dress
Alice, Alice,
Who the fuck is Alice
The words they pour so freely
And fall into the chalice

“Oh Just shut up”

And still they purr and murmur
Charged within their world
That is not mine, now welcoming
Lets see how it unfurls
I throw the words around
Leave them scattered on the floor
Where walls of white surround them
From wounds so deep they pour
Not my room this is
Not red and gaily pictured
Plain white and strangely clinical
And smells like iodine tincture

“Oh shut up”

I met that man the other night
The one inside my head
Who said to me to listen
Hear what my voices said
What my voices said
Was not what I write
They said that I should listen
Each and every night
And so I listen carefully
As they argue to and fro
Where will they finally end
I guess I’ll never know

“Why won’t you shut up?
Just give me some peace
Nurse, please give me my meds
I need some sleep”

© Fergus Martin
Apr 2013

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spinning Wheels

The trains of thought that thunder in the night
Rattle down the tracks, twisting wrong from right
Pulling me this way and that, never quite sure
That the destination I reach will be secure
Safe at a way-point of a sheltered haven
Or stranded alone in my isolation
The end of the journey, so far from the beginning
I open my eyes, and the wheels keep on spinning

© F Martin

Eloquence Lost - Revisited

The eloquence of words is lost
Eloquence that charmed a world
Of light and love and fantasy.
Words no longer live with feeling
Is this what we have become
Lost, without the power of words

The power of words has fragmented
Power that filled imaginations
Of hope and wonder in their lost adventure.
Words no longer drive with such conviction
Has this reduced our ability to evoke
Fragmented without the beauty of words

The beauty of words is hidden
Beauty that took you to a world
Of unparalleled heights of emotion.
Words no longer used with such precision
Is there still some world of light and wonder
Hidden within the eloquence of words

© Fergus Martin