Friday, 26 April 2013

The Death Of Black Gold

Death stalked the valleys with a twisted smile
Reaping vengeance on the belligerent
Iron will of devastation could not be turned
Stamping hooves of the acolyte stifling resistance

And in a thousand valley homes
Black stained rivers ran on the faces of the broken
Tears for the death of a life in the dust filled depths
The seams of black gold will echo no more

Villages fell and communities died in the night
All at the sweep of Death’s sharp blade
Slicing through years of mis-managed neglect
With no thought to the lives and worlds to be forfeit

The wheels of their world turn no more and lie silent
Deep dark shafts echo with the bitter cries of the past
Black gold remains but is left untouched in the dark
Still the tears fall for the lives they once had

And in a thousand valley homes
Across villages throughout this great land
Effects of the blade cut deep and are never forgotten
As dreams became forfeit at the stroke of the blade

Black gold now comes from lands far afield
Bought on the cheap back of slave labour rates
Shipped in dark holds at a cost our own
And villages weep as they crumble and die

© Fergus Martin
Apr 2013