Thursday, 31 July 2014


Nuts and bolts
The tiniest of threads
holding everything together
creating art
creating wonder
creating society
holding the parts together
allowing the world to grow
to develop
to advance
Nuts and Bolts
cogs driving the wheels
that turn the key
in unlocking the great wonders
of the planet
the great mysteries of the depth
Nuts and bolts
little nuts and bolts joined together
fused in union
joined in harmony
creating existence
Building the wonders of man
the carbuncles that sprout
in streets no longer
paved in gold
but in the sweat blood and tears of man
Broken apart the nuts turn to rust
bolts fall by the wayside
and are lost in the quicksand
of confusion
Cogs that no longer turn, seize,
failing to generate the power
required to turn the wheels
the world they built
the art they created
Without them the world is nothing

© Fergus Martin

July 2014

Balancing Act

There are those that say
All men are evil
There are those that say
All women are bitches
I would hazard a guess
Somewhere in the middle
There lies the truth

There are many believe
Their religion is righteous
Some have opinions
In direct opposition
Probably true to say
Somewhere in the middle
There lies the truth

There are those that think
All politicians are criminal
Then there's those that believe
That this cannot be so
In a twist of reality
Somewhere in the middle
There lies the truth

There are those that believe
That there press is unbalanced
On the opposite fence
Sit those in conspiracy
Plain for those that can see
Somewhere in the middle
There lies the truth

If the truth is not yours
Then all you believe is a lie
And you delude yourselves
All you believe is the truth
As you roam the extremes
Alone in the middle
The truth lies waiting

© Fergus Martin

July 2014

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Lost Years

With a pocketful of dreams
he stepped out from the innocence of adolescence
and into the insecurity of an adulthood uncharted.
Hopes and dreams stretch out before him
a never ending carpet of experiences waiting.
Achievements that he sought to attain,
a legacy he'd lay down for his descendants,
a future full of excitement and wonders,
His path lay before him unbridled from fear,
his childhood behind him, fresh in his mind.
Adulthood ahead, with its abundance of promise.

With a hatful of memories
he stepped quietly into the obscurity of dotage
a lingering shadow of the man he once was.
Thoughts slipping into nothing
evaporating amidst the clouds of confusion.
Memories that were no longer his,
forgetting all that he had accomplished,
remembering triumphs that were not his to share.
His life drifted away in clouded dreams,
fleeting glimpses of childhood remained.
Adulthood lived, yet now forgotten.

© Fergus Martin

July 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014


The storm raged on the horizon, black clouds,
dark as his soul, gathered themselves to strike
their vengeance upon the shore. He steeled himself,
waiting the inevitable tirade, the onrush of
cataclysmic power that was headed his way.
His storm was brewing.

It was coming for him and him alone.

As he dug his unshod sodden feet into the damp,
he remembered when it was not always like this,
he recalled better times, smiled at the storm and welcomed it,
raising his hands to the skies, he embraced it. As it
lashed down upon him, his freedom was secure.

His release was final, This was his storm

He had waited this moment for weeks, steeling
himself for the right time, the right conditions,
and now, he would give himself fully to the
storms that engulfed his life. This beach was his
sacrificial altar, his last final farewell, his act of attrition
for one moment of forgetfulness, one error in a
life of calamity. It was now or never.

This was his storm.

© Fergus Martin

July 2014

Saturday, 5 July 2014


The key to your heart hangs round your neck,
a golden trinket that remains untouched. As it falls
gently across your pale skinned shallow breathing breast,
each gentle tap reminds you of what has not been,
and may never come to fruition. The slow rise, and fall,
of the broken heart that beats within pounds on the ears,
like the thunder of a midsummer storm, tumultuous
in its extremity, yet gentle in its silence. Locked to
the world, imprisoned in the chains of your making,
you reveal nothing, content this perfect solitude,
this lasting peace will never be disturbed, will remain
untouched and unsullied. The door to your soul will
never be unlocked, your inner thoughts will
never be revealed. The dark shroud of mystery you
hide behind will always conceal the meaning of you,
always shelter you from the storm that rages
within, and without. You will be forever silent,
forever clutching at the key, forever waiting for the
hand that will release you.

© Fergus Martin

July 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014

Taking The Dark Road

The box that held your dreams lay open
A void in the future you cannot hope to realise
Empty is the solitude that sparkles in your eyes
The path you hoped to take is now blocked

Sweet whispering torments a shallow soul
Voices calling out for long-lost freedom
Shackled by your dreams they are not heard
Tortured by the bitter heart you follow

As moonlight dances on the darkened pool
The burden that you carry pulls you under
Reflecting on the innocence of fantasy
You sit in quiet contemplation of the past

Staring at the future as your present passes
Fate swings its fearful axe upon your destiny
Shackled to your dreams you've lost the way
Lost in the chaotic carnage of your dreams

The path that you must follow opens wide
Reaching out its sympathetic tendrils
The wanderlust of romance now forsaken
You step inside the realm of poisoned souls

At once alive but dead in all but being
No more the fool that's painted gaudy bright
Cloaked in darkness now you stalk the night
Your nightmares demon comes to sweet fruition

© Fergus Martin

July 2014