Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Lost Years

With a pocketful of dreams
he stepped out from the innocence of adolescence
and into the insecurity of an adulthood uncharted.
Hopes and dreams stretch out before him
a never ending carpet of experiences waiting.
Achievements that he sought to attain,
a legacy he'd lay down for his descendants,
a future full of excitement and wonders,
His path lay before him unbridled from fear,
his childhood behind him, fresh in his mind.
Adulthood ahead, with its abundance of promise.

With a hatful of memories
he stepped quietly into the obscurity of dotage
a lingering shadow of the man he once was.
Thoughts slipping into nothing
evaporating amidst the clouds of confusion.
Memories that were no longer his,
forgetting all that he had accomplished,
remembering triumphs that were not his to share.
His life drifted away in clouded dreams,
fleeting glimpses of childhood remained.
Adulthood lived, yet now forgotten.

© Fergus Martin

July 2014