Thursday, 31 July 2014


Nuts and bolts
The tiniest of threads
holding everything together
creating art
creating wonder
creating society
holding the parts together
allowing the world to grow
to develop
to advance
Nuts and Bolts
cogs driving the wheels
that turn the key
in unlocking the great wonders
of the planet
the great mysteries of the depth
Nuts and bolts
little nuts and bolts joined together
fused in union
joined in harmony
creating existence
Building the wonders of man
the carbuncles that sprout
in streets no longer
paved in gold
but in the sweat blood and tears of man
Broken apart the nuts turn to rust
bolts fall by the wayside
and are lost in the quicksand
of confusion
Cogs that no longer turn, seize,
failing to generate the power
required to turn the wheels
the world they built
the art they created
Without them the world is nothing

© Fergus Martin

July 2014