Saturday, 9 August 2014

Big Tree Country

Alive within Big Tree Country
Shades of green catch the eye
Fingers reaching to the heavens
Bound to earth with solidity
Where royalty once was crowned
In a palace on an ancient stone
Warrior kings of a nation proud
Fair Maiden as its centre-point
Battles fought upon its fields
Tales from Crieff to Killiecrankie
Of rebels and their freedom fight
And princes loyal to the land
As history evolved in time
So the maid changed her tune
Remained the centre of it all
Evolving with flow and ebb
Maid that dances on the Tay
Sprinting out to waters north
Taking out the harvests fair
Bringing home the traveller
In mud and rain it's people toiled
To scratch a living from its heart
Jute and berries, sweat and blood
The fair maiden drives it all
Going north you'll meet her
You cannot pass out with her sight
At the centre of the land she stands
With open arms she'll greet you
When you step into her valleys
Her heart will show the wonders
Of her pleasures dark and bright
The Big Tree Country standing tall

© Fergus Martin

Aug 2014