Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Tale

On a cold winters night
With green glistening white
Dreams awake in their heads
Of a man on his sled

Dark shadows in the night
Moving swiftly out of sight
Quick footsteps in the halls
Light as a snowflake falls

Silent whispers in the night
Warm wishes wrapped up tight
The secrets that they keep
Come alive whilst they sleep

In the quiet of the night
Before the sun shines bright
Pause before the dawn rises
As they dream of surprises

On a cold winters morn
As the wrapping is torn
Childlike eyes light with glee
Underneath the sparkling tree

At the breaking of dawn
They know their job is done
And they smile to themselves
Once again becoming elves

When this day is complete
No more secrets they will keep
No more presents they will hide
Return to normal with great pride

© Fergus Martin


Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Year Of Love

Cold frost melts away
Seeds of life begin
Saplings sprout their tender roots
Fauna bursts to life
And my love blossoms in the spring

Summer showers quench the earth
Parched in the heat of the sun
Downbursts rise the riverbanks
Trees reaching up for life
And my love roasts in summer's haze

Harvests reaped and gathered
Fruits of the earth revered
Withering branches sway forlorn
Their vitality gone for now
And my love fades like autumn leaves

Mist rolls over the hills
Creeping down the valley
Clouds hang heavy in the air
Darkening the skies
And my love dies in the cold of winter

© Fergus Martin


Monday, 16 December 2013

I Need Life

I need to ramble
I need to walk in the woods
I need to smell the flowers of the forest
I need to see the branches sway in the breeze
I need to see the rivers flowing
I need to feel the wind in my hair
I need to watch the birds in flight
I need to smell the crops in the fields
I need to feel the cold of winter
I need to feel the summer's sun
I need to feel the damp autumn rain
I need to see the spring approaching
I need to walk the streets around me
I need to listen to the world
I need to hear the chatter in the crowds
I need to see the children in the playground
I need to taste exhaust fumes in the air
I need to hear my favourite music
I need to watch guitars being played
I need to listen to the voices of angels
I need to watch as my children grow
I need to visit great Aunt Jean
I need to feel the touch of my lover's hand
I need to hold her in my arms
I need to see the smile on her face
I need to find a way out of this prison
I need to wake up
I want to live

© Fergus Martin


Guardian Angel

Every day she watches over me emotionless
Standing cold as ice she gazes at me silently
She weeps no tears on this her daily vigil
Smiles as furrows carve paths endlessly
As I gaze blindly round the room in fear
She waits patiently

In the corner of the room, where I can see her
A vision in my world she stands majestic
Staring at the void I scream in terror
Charming with her smiles, remains angelic
The storms my body takes, she swiftly calms
With her everlasting calm she's so mesmeric

Slowly she approaches me
Her warm lips meet mine
And at the touch of the Angels kiss
All suffering forgotten
She welcomes me to her world
I enter peacefully.

© Fergus Martin


Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Search For Truth

Whisper to the stars
They hear all your secrets
Tales told from the heart
They know the truth

Stare up at the sun
It sees all your problems
Watched as they begun
It knows the truth

Shout out at the moon
It listens to your worries
Wraps them up in a cocoon
It knows the truth

Listen to your world
They hear all your troubles
Watched as they unfurled
They know the truth

Look inside yourself
You know all the answers
Search for inner wealth
You'll find the truth

© Fergus Martin


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Trapped Inside

This white room,
These four walls,
Staring at the shelves I see a thousand worlds
And in their multi-coloured jackets they stare back at me
I close my eyes and am transported
Fleeing this captivity and breathing once again
The room remains on my return
The walls gaze blindly down on me
When will I escape this reality;
This cell;
This prison;
This hell?
This Sanctuary?
The word embedded in my mind,

© Fergus Martin

Dec 2013 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Thought For The Day

With your first breath there is light
With your last the darkness falls
When travelling between the pair
Make every breath shine brightly

Fergus Martin

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Two Bars

Two bars only, glowing fiercely
Take the chill from the winter's norm
Semi-circle of sweet sanctuary
Far from the beat of the winter's storm
Two bars only, temporarily
Moth-ridden blanket warming bones
Festive cheer wrapped in newsprint
Story that's told in so many homes
Two bars only, powered down
Another layer to save the cost
Resources dwindle to the point of extinction
For all that we have, 
What more have we lost?

© Fergus Martin
Dec 2013