Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wasted Years

All those years
All that time
Every waking hour

Those college hours
That study time
A chance to grow

Summer's days
Winter's nights
Relaxing moments

That first job
A chance in life
Dead end role

All that time
All those years
You spent your life

 © Fergus Martin

Jul 2014

Friday, 27 June 2014

Scattered Voices

I’m proud to announce that Scattered Voices: A Collection of Poems Shared by Strangers on the Internet is now available. Currently the book is available for purchase on Createspace and Amazon. If you’d prefer a PDF copy it is currently available for free at the publisher, Rotting Horse Publishing. Whether you are buying a copy or downloading a free copy a review on Amazon or Goodreads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support of independent arts.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Storm Dreamer

The sudden clap of thunder shakes me,
rattles me loose from the reverie of memory,
snaps me into the here and now,
and the reality that surrounds me.

Bottled up memories pour from the glass,
a tidal wave of recognition of what is no more,
flowing freely through a tangled mind,
flooding the depths of time that has past.

Rain bounces on the concrete covered path,
brick by sodden brick another thought decays,
crumbling into the dust of yesterday,
building on the thoughts of what we had.

Clouds move across the sky in darkness,
threatening to explode with every movement,
reflection of the pressure built inside,
mirroring the soul that's full of sadness.

Flooded rivers run their ragged course,
driftwood just like memories washed away,
once solid banks are ripped to ragged pieces,
my story seeps slowly through open pores.

Staring at the scene,
the violence of the vista subsides,
memories cloaked in darkness disappear,
sunlight breaks upon the day.

© Fergus Martin

June 2014

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Black Knight

From a shoot that was pure grew a heart of evil
An embittered soul at war with themselves
Reaching out for reason found only confusion
And a world that spun in endless collusion

You are alive in this nether world
A realm so justifyingly righteous to you
You are oblivious to the discontent you breed
Ignorant of the world beyond your blinkered sight

Black heart pumping with crimson venom
Twisted mind spews out contorted truths
Your twisted words regurgitate the illusion
Immoral compass spins and spins again

Blinded by belief in this unfathomed hell
Drowning in the wisdom of the unwise
A pawn to the kings and queens of misery
Unheralded knight in the playground of chaos

Spiral in the endless depths of indifference
You cannot return to the origin of reason
Soul entrenched in the resentment of honesty
Lost in a world ruled by malevolence

The fear that you raise will never be slain
The realm that you worship never alive
The pain you inflict will never be healed
Your soul is lost as the world turns again

© Fergus Martin

June 2014

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Passing Of Another Day

Gorging on the flickering fires of fate,
devouring every second with relish,
time feasts on the mortality of man.
Precious moments drift into oblivion,
visible now only in distant eyes,
reflecting on the future's passing.

Dissipating with every grain in the glass,
life ebbs away with the flow of the sand,
leaving only shadows in the darkness.
Sliding into forgotten memories,
what was once a future unfulfilled,
sacrificed to history,
lost but not forgotten.

© Fergus Martin

Jun 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014

Deaf, Dumb And Blind

Your screams of terror remain unheard,
your words seek out replies but none arrive,
lie torn and shattered on the floor.
A cold,
Cold, dark, silence.
The empty space you live within
few others know or understand.

Birdsong shrills in darkened forests,
songs that whisper gently on the wind,
remain unsung in the silence of your world.
A cold,
Cold, dark, silence.
The emptiness of the void
echoes to the sound of the dead.

Mystic moons shine no light in your darkness,
sun-kissed beaches remain invisible to you,
the beauty of the world is hidden in the void
A cold,
Cold, dark, silence.
Fear surrounds you on the dark
lonely road you travel.

That cold,
unheard world of the damned.

© Fergus Martin

Jun 2014

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Dream Softly

Slipping through the crevices,
they creep,
twisting at the purity of thought
Hiding in the darkness,
they fester,
stabbing at the gentleness of heart.
Deep within your chambers,
they sleep,
waking only at the stirring of the mind.
Spreading roots of chaos,
bitter virus,
infecting harmony's illusion they poison.
Wallowing in their glory,
they strike,
ripping out the dreams of hope like cancer.
Deep within the shadows,
of your soul,
those thoughts you bury deep until they rise.
Guardians of your nightmares,
long departed,
unprotected dreams distorted lose the battle.

© Fergus Martin

Jun 2014


Green fertile valleys spread before your eyes
Mountains topped with icing glisten in the sun
Forests spread their branches reaching for the sky
Rivers teem with life and dance among the rocks
You see a coat of many colours carpeting the fields
Villages and towns alive with harvest bounty
Mother Nature's beauty spreads before your eyes
The wonders of this world speak out to you

I see the valley floor sliced apart in black
Hillsides torn and scarred with spinning giants
Ancient forests stripped naked to the root
Rivers bleached and bloodied with the effluent of man
Harvests sit uncut rotting in the fields
Buildings lie in wait for the vacant population
Life's beauty long since faded in advancement
As I stare at the destruction, I see man

© Fergus Martin

June 2014