Sunday, 22 June 2014

Storm Dreamer

The sudden clap of thunder shakes me,
rattles me loose from the reverie of memory,
snaps me into the here and now,
and the reality that surrounds me.

Bottled up memories pour from the glass,
a tidal wave of recognition of what is no more,
flowing freely through a tangled mind,
flooding the depths of time that has past.

Rain bounces on the concrete covered path,
brick by sodden brick another thought decays,
crumbling into the dust of yesterday,
building on the thoughts of what we had.

Clouds move across the sky in darkness,
threatening to explode with every movement,
reflection of the pressure built inside,
mirroring the soul that's full of sadness.

Flooded rivers run their ragged course,
driftwood just like memories washed away,
once solid banks are ripped to ragged pieces,
my story seeps slowly through open pores.

Staring at the scene,
the violence of the vista subsides,
memories cloaked in darkness disappear,
sunlight breaks upon the day.

© Fergus Martin

June 2014