Saturday, 21 June 2014

Black Knight

From a shoot that was pure grew a heart of evil
An embittered soul at war with themselves
Reaching out for reason found only confusion
And a world that spun in endless collusion

You are alive in this nether world
A realm so justifyingly righteous to you
You are oblivious to the discontent you breed
Ignorant of the world beyond your blinkered sight

Black heart pumping with crimson venom
Twisted mind spews out contorted truths
Your twisted words regurgitate the illusion
Immoral compass spins and spins again

Blinded by belief in this unfathomed hell
Drowning in the wisdom of the unwise
A pawn to the kings and queens of misery
Unheralded knight in the playground of chaos

Spiral in the endless depths of indifference
You cannot return to the origin of reason
Soul entrenched in the resentment of honesty
Lost in a world ruled by malevolence

The fear that you raise will never be slain
The realm that you worship never alive
The pain you inflict will never be healed
Your soul is lost as the world turns again

© Fergus Martin

June 2014