Saturday, 1 November 2014


"The great abyss waits for the souls of the undeclared"

Windows shuttered to the world outside,
doors forever sealed against the pain,
empty chambers whisper tales of longing,
mortal souls lost in the corridors of hell.

"The emptiness of time will blind the un-enlightened"

Runes that speak loud to darkened hearts,
words dancing in the grim of evermore,
resounding in their sad unspoken truth
reminisce on the shadows of the past.

"Oblivion awaits the undecided"

Path leading forward going nowhere,
stationary crossroads seeks direction,
way ahead re-routes unto itself,
journey without end begins again.

"All will be tested, few will be spared"

Over and again he read the words,
fragments of his life flowed in their meaning,
stagnant in the boundaries of his mind,
over and again he failed to see.

© Fergus Martin

Nov 2014