Thursday, 28 June 2012


Dark clouds announce
The impending storm on the horizon
Dim mist slides over
The green fields of the valley floor
While the morning sun roars
Red in the breaking light of day

Herd grazes quietly
In the cold damp intrusive air
Tails twitching gently
Through the still of the morn
As the bull bellows
And paws at the sodden ground

Flock gathers slowly
And meanders through the fallow field
Lambs bleat mournfully
In the shade of mothers fleece
And the ram butts
Locking horns with his younger self

Pride prowls carefully
Across the scorched savannah plain
Roaring and scenting
Their kingdom they patrol with dignified grace
The stranger enters
And is pounced upon by threatened manes

Pack waits patiently
Sheltered in the rain doused lairs
Omega plays fleetingly
With the pups and awaits the days kill
And the Alpha howls
Tearing at the throat of indignant challenge

Tribe chants mercilessly
From deep within the concrete jungle
Bipeds pace menacingly
And feast upon the entrails of humanity
Top dog preens
And gloats at the discarded victims of distaste

And as the beasts circle and pace in time never ending
Their paths never waver, their journeys unbending
As they devour and destroy the weak, timid and tame
Never changing, never altering, remaining the same

© Fergus Martin

Journey Upstream

Rushing headlong upstream the spawning ground awaits in silence
The shoal gathers in the darkness of the pool and swarms habitually
Blocking the path of the silver surfer swimming against the tide
Rich warm waters of the stream turn cold and bitter as they pool
Fast flowing ripples of excitement turn icy with the winter wind
The deep river bed once fertile with plankton now barren and bare
Welcoming ripples give way to a dark black sheen of reflection
The journey is stalled but for a moment in the festering pond
Leaping into the unknown and break from the pond life of habit
Silver scaled wanderer turns and swims powerfully onward
Into the uncharted stream away from the spawn of the past
Gliding mercurially away and is lost to the unseeing eye

© Fergus Martin

Monday, 25 June 2012

Decision Point

The road
That is never taken
The bridge
That is never crossed
The tunnel
That is never lit
The pain
That is never lost

At the crossroads we stand and wonder
Procrastinate and delay
As the heart struggles to find direction
The mind strips emotion away
And the ship that should have been boarded
Sets sail for a bright new day

The port
Will never be open
The shelter
Will never be there
The storm
Will be never ending
The pain
Will always be there

© Fergus Martin

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Whaur’s The Bus?

Whaur ye aff tae?            I’m aff up the toon
Whit ur ye daein?            Ah, just walkin aroon
Look, err’s auld Jonny      Fae up yir street?
Whaur‘s he gaun?           He’s naebdy tae meet
He’ll be seeing wee Isa    Fae up the end close?
Aye, ye ken the wan       Wi’ the bustit nose?
Dirty auld bugger            Sneeky wee toerag
Bin winching fir ages       The doddery bawbag

Did ye see yon muppet      The wan on the telly?
Gaun oot wi a minger         Aye, yon ginger Nelly
Yon wan fae the bank        Naw, ya daft scunner
Fae above he boozer         Her maw dun a runner
Went aff wi yon blackie?    Naw, yon erse fae the mill
That pal o’ oor Wullie’s      Aye, he’s merrit tae Jill
Ther dochter’s a stoater     Richt feisty wee bint
Mind she beltit big Ally      Gaud, it wis mint

He’rd aboot Jeanie             Whit’s she dun noo
Twa timing her auld man    The minging wee coo
Mair needles in her like      Aye, so ah’ve he’rd
Erms like a dartboard        Bet the new mans a ned
Runs wi wee Frankie         Err’s a boy an a hauf
Guid wi a blade ken           Sleekit wee nyaff
Goat ba’s on him that yin   He’ll get it wan day
Nowt mair sertin                Goat debtir’s to pay

Sae, how ur yir ain folk?     Jist muddlin awa
And the lad it the Uni ?       Shite’s huvin a ba
Mine’s is the same like      Thur nae in cless
Nae like it in ma day          Aw wirk in aw stress
Gled thit ah dun it              Aye, look at ye noo
Dun no bad yersell like       Sure beats the burroo
Yir no wrang ther man        Hoo’s the wee wummin?
Awa wi the fairies               Is the bus no cummin

Err the bus noo mon          Weel, ah’ll hae to be aff
See yi at kirk then             We'el hae a guid laff
Cheery bye faither             Sermin’s at ten mind
Ah’ll nae forget                  Yi’ll git left behind
Huv a guid day then           Ye quiet the day?
Nae sickies ur in yet          Whit dae ye say?
The surgeries deid man      Ya jammy auld sod
Docters paradise               Ah’ll stick tae mah Gaud

© Fergus Martin

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Elemental Harmony

Ground shakes and rumbles with discontent and bitterness
Shakes buried roots and disturbs the gentle silence
Foundations rock as the wave of passion reaches ever closer
Whilst all around confusion reigns in ignorance

Whisper through the fringes of the forest of awareness
Gusting ever stronger as the clarity becomes real
Howling ever louder as the storm funnels ever closer
Whilst all around torment in all that they reveal

Embers flicker and ignite the flame of ruthlessness
Sparking into life they gain momentum of their own
Flames of torrid misconception raging ever closer
Whilst all around are burnt and scarred by pain unknown

Trickle in the stream cascades and rushes at the powerless
Torrent born emboldened in deep and darkened pools
Crashing powerfully on ears as the tide comes ever closer
Whilst all around are washed away like ever floating fools

Watching silently and fearfully as the elements collide
Minstrel plays his hand and deals in careful thought
He twists and turns in time with dancing shadows
Whilst juggling the answers he has sought
Feet glide and prance above the quickly shifting sand
With careful hands he throws another construct in the air
His sparkling smile to dowse the torch of discenchantment
To calm the tide he seeks the words with calculated care

© Fergus Martin

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Out of sense
Out of sight
Out of sound
Dark of night

Out of chaos
Out of hell
Out of soul
Tolling bell

Out of words
Out of hope
Out of mind
Hangman’s rope

Out of ideas
Out of thought
Out of time
I love you not

© Fergus Martin

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Remember The Days

Remember the days
Of a manicured lawn
Bright shiny brickwork
Happy new home
Rosy cheeked bairns
Chasing around
Sprightly young pup
Pawing the ground
Joy and adventure
Play filled nights
Fun in the sun
Dimming the lights?

Tangled and worn
Nothing but weeds
Decaying mortar
A roof that leaks
Silence and peace
No giggling now
Slow canine walk
An ageing howl
Settled routine
Blurs in the haze
Dimming the lights
Remember the days?

© Fergus Martin

Tree of Life

Seed is sown
And fertilised
Root is formed
Away from eyes
Shoot develops
Bursts anew
Sapling grows
Firm and true
Trunk it thickens
Hard and fast
Branch stretches out
And time goes past

Through turns and twists
The branch it sways
As rot seeps in
Strong bough decays
Weathered with time
Blossomed in youth
Looks to the future
Shoots with new truth
Innocent rebirth
Old root will bow
Step slowly aside
New seed to plow

© Fergus Martin

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Bubble Burst

The caves of steel surrounded you, protected you from harm
And now the gates are open, enticing you with charm
Once hidden in the undergrowth, sheltered from the storm
Step in to the light of day and leave behind the maelstrom
Contemplate enchantment of the world outside your door
From cocoon of trepidation, a butterfly once more
Encouraged by the words of charm they welcome you outside
Wings stretched out reveal the chest that bursts with pride

Enamoured by a voice of hope that worms into your breast
You favour the beguiling smile; place it high above the rest
Reveal your inner torments, the thoughts that pain the most
The traumas sealed within the soul but hidden from the host
With soul mate now aligned, stride out with confidence
Walking in a wonderland, the joyful path that never ends
Nothing’s quite what as it seems, you breathe without a care
But the solemn voice that mesmerised takes you unaware

Betrayal stalked the bitter path directly to your door
Twisted tongue now steeled to rip you to your core
The honey dripping syrup spits acid out in streams
Procreates a nightmare from the sanctuary of dreams
Shameless exploitation of the secrets from the past
Breaking down the walls of that friendship built to last
Confidence once vibrant now shattered, bruised and dead
Evicted fool from paradise looks inwards now instead

Examining decisions through the microscope of pain
Searching for the moment that triggered hate in vain
You curse with every breathe the secrets you revealed
Every moment shared, a sham so well concealed
Treasured vows now broken, regret and fear combine
Consume with eager passion and paralyse the mind
Entangled in your dreams and trapped within your fears
Blind-sided by devotion, release a waterfall of tears

Retreat once more to solitude, loneliness your friend
Sit in silence mesmerised at how much you did depend
Shielded from the vanity, rejection and despair
Time taken to reflect on the heart that must repair
And vow once more the walls of ice you’ll build will last
Gone is the hunger you once sought, in the icy caves you’ll fast
Before again venturing to the world that lies outside
To once again seek harmony and a soul that bursts with pride

© Fergus Martin

Sunday, 10 June 2012


You speak
I listen
Words melting as they tumble from your lips
You listen
I speak
But in the night we are but passing ships

You listen
I think
Thoughts mesh and gel as one upon the vine
You think
I listen
Our paths converge at once, they intertwine

You think
I crave
The heart that beats the rhythm of your soul
You crave
I think
And hearts once split asunder are now whole

You crave
I give
Affection and a reason to believe
You give
I crave
The harmony that one can never leave

You give
I take
The pleasure and the company at hand
You take
I give
A heart that seeks a bright new wonderland

You take
My words
And form them into actions with new meaning
Your words
I take
And forge them to a heart devoid of feeling

Your words
I listen
And souls collide entangled in the mist
You listen
My words
Remembering the first time that we kissed

You listen
I speak
Words weave in syllables of sound so sweet
You speak
I listen
Thoughts treasured till the next time that we meet

You speak
I listen
Words melting as they tumble from your lips
You listen
I speak
But in the night we are but passing ships

© Fergus Martin

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Final Solution

Night crawls by, echoing in its silence
Moving through the dawn unfettered
Stare soulfully as the sun creeps higher
And mourn the arrival of another new day
Thoughts fall, spark and painfully fail to ignite
But cascade over stony riverbeds of despair
Colliding and clashing over waterfalls of confusion
Tumbling out to roam the wilderness of isolation

Twisted in comprehension and misconception
Faltering in its clarity, the mind wanders unbalanced
The soft spoken word becomes a sharp edged retort
A barb slicing through the soul, ripping to the raw
Stagnation and deprivation magnify the insecurity
Casual comment becomes the blade of the assassin
Amplifying the inner screams of bitter betrayal
Fuelling the fire of angst that flickers dimly in the soul

Locked firmly in the chains of endless loathing
Incarcerated in the realm of fading hope
A maelstrom of madness revels in its finality
Wallowing in failure, torment’s victory complete
One final retreat waits patiently as light fades
The portal flung open, black hole welcomes the broken
Enticing, persuading, the precipice ever tempting
Stepping into the dark,
It ends

© Fergus Martin

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


So here we sit, you and I
One looking forward, one standing still
I face the fear and look for light
The fear and darkness becomes you
An inner peace and one of hope
An inner maelstrom devoid of reason
A heart that counters rejection with a smile
Whilst one feeds and regurgitates with venom
One mind that searches for the future
Another stuck firmly in the past
One forever seeking to turn the tide of time
Past tortures and failures mould the others being
One soul that seeks redemption
The other, retribution
I stare into the abyss and reject it
Stare into the abyss and it becomes you

© Fergus Martin

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Felidae’s Web

Caught firm within vermillion web
Held fast by bewitching smile
Struggle against the fawning voice
Blinkered to the charm and guile
Pampered, enamoured, the bait taken
Feast upon morsels of faint praise
The cocoon is spun, entrapment secured
Now powerless to escape the gaze

The feline moves with grace across the floor
And pounces, claws now digging deep
Petted and played with, exhausted and broken
Tossed by the paws and caught in one leap
Dancing to the tune of deceitful maw
The puppeteer of passion pulls the string
Guided and misguided, prodded and cajoled
Lips licking at the capture of the plaything

Feasting long enough to fill her needs
Discarded scrap unworthy of attention
Wolf mother retreats to her chosen lair
Until next she needs compliant subjection
Used, abused, beaten and rejected
The rattled mouse wallows in confusion
Ignored, abhorred, despised and forgotten
The fantasy which was, now mere illusion

© Fergus Martin

Bloody Dave

He’s here,
He’s there,
He’s every fucking where

Gets on my nerves
Pulls body swerves
And is never to be seen

Gets up my nose
With a hoover hose
And ruins all my threads

Calls unannounced
Ol Dave he pounced
And dusted down his togs

A brief look in
He’s gone again
I hope he chokes on frogs

© Fergus Martin

Twa Dug's Tales


Ten months old and petrified
Grey-white wolf, eyes so dark
A five hour drive and you’d arrived
And not one single bark

The damage done, the havoc caused
And lifestyle changes needed
The holes you dug and fences climbed
Commands that went unheeded

Behind the happy smile, the wolf
Slender frame belies the power
From Russia came your name and breed
And many a happy hour


Six months old and eyes so brown
And coat that matches colour
From country dweller to the town
My god, what was that odour

From a scared young pup you grew
And learned the lessons well
The wolf like howl comes naturally
And commands obeyed so well

Melting eyes that guard the door
From shepherd to protector
Strength shields the heart that murmurs
We live but to protect her

Brother And Sister

They chase around the living room
They fight but cause no pains
Upstairs she watches as we sleep
But where there’s food, he reigns

Striding out together
They pull with such conviction
A fawned and fĂȘted handsome chap
The girl gets no affection

Brother from another mother
She howls when siren’s call
He taught her as he would his own
They give us such a ball

© Fergus Martin