Thursday, 28 June 2012


Dark clouds announce
The impending storm on the horizon
Dim mist slides over
The green fields of the valley floor
While the morning sun roars
Red in the breaking light of day

Herd grazes quietly
In the cold damp intrusive air
Tails twitching gently
Through the still of the morn
As the bull bellows
And paws at the sodden ground

Flock gathers slowly
And meanders through the fallow field
Lambs bleat mournfully
In the shade of mothers fleece
And the ram butts
Locking horns with his younger self

Pride prowls carefully
Across the scorched savannah plain
Roaring and scenting
Their kingdom they patrol with dignified grace
The stranger enters
And is pounced upon by threatened manes

Pack waits patiently
Sheltered in the rain doused lairs
Omega plays fleetingly
With the pups and awaits the days kill
And the Alpha howls
Tearing at the throat of indignant challenge

Tribe chants mercilessly
From deep within the concrete jungle
Bipeds pace menacingly
And feast upon the entrails of humanity
Top dog preens
And gloats at the discarded victims of distaste

And as the beasts circle and pace in time never ending
Their paths never waver, their journeys unbending
As they devour and destroy the weak, timid and tame
Never changing, never altering, remaining the same

© Fergus Martin