Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Elemental Harmony

Ground shakes and rumbles with discontent and bitterness
Shakes buried roots and disturbs the gentle silence
Foundations rock as the wave of passion reaches ever closer
Whilst all around confusion reigns in ignorance

Whisper through the fringes of the forest of awareness
Gusting ever stronger as the clarity becomes real
Howling ever louder as the storm funnels ever closer
Whilst all around torment in all that they reveal

Embers flicker and ignite the flame of ruthlessness
Sparking into life they gain momentum of their own
Flames of torrid misconception raging ever closer
Whilst all around are burnt and scarred by pain unknown

Trickle in the stream cascades and rushes at the powerless
Torrent born emboldened in deep and darkened pools
Crashing powerfully on ears as the tide comes ever closer
Whilst all around are washed away like ever floating fools

Watching silently and fearfully as the elements collide
Minstrel plays his hand and deals in careful thought
He twists and turns in time with dancing shadows
Whilst juggling the answers he has sought
Feet glide and prance above the quickly shifting sand
With careful hands he throws another construct in the air
His sparkling smile to dowse the torch of discenchantment
To calm the tide he seeks the words with calculated care

© Fergus Martin