Sunday, 3 June 2012

Twa Dug's Tales


Ten months old and petrified
Grey-white wolf, eyes so dark
A five hour drive and you’d arrived
And not one single bark

The damage done, the havoc caused
And lifestyle changes needed
The holes you dug and fences climbed
Commands that went unheeded

Behind the happy smile, the wolf
Slender frame belies the power
From Russia came your name and breed
And many a happy hour


Six months old and eyes so brown
And coat that matches colour
From country dweller to the town
My god, what was that odour

From a scared young pup you grew
And learned the lessons well
The wolf like howl comes naturally
And commands obeyed so well

Melting eyes that guard the door
From shepherd to protector
Strength shields the heart that murmurs
We live but to protect her

Brother And Sister

They chase around the living room
They fight but cause no pains
Upstairs she watches as we sleep
But where there’s food, he reigns

Striding out together
They pull with such conviction
A fawned and fêted handsome chap
The girl gets no affection

Brother from another mother
She howls when siren’s call
He taught her as he would his own
They give us such a ball

© Fergus Martin