Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Walk With Me

Bright blue parts and white drifts away
Haze shimmers, rising in the heat of the day
Mountains climb, cold tips reach for the sky
Green rolling hills endure as time goes by

Treetops bustle gently as the swallows fly
Proud oaks stand strong in bough and thigh
Broken limbs lie scattered on the ground
Valley floor beckons, new shoots abound

Rutted track-way down to the battered shell
Dry stone walls surround a temporary hell
Weathered mortar crumbles like the past
Brickwork weeps worn dry by winds that pass

Hinges rusted, door creaks and beckons doom
Dim light struggles to penetrate the gloom
Faded patterns stripped bare from wooden walls
Forgotten fathers hung now in dusty halls

Down splintered steps each twist and turn
Lead deeper to the inner sanctum
Where torment and pain suckles on its feast
Soul and mind swallowed in the jaws of the beast

Retrace your route, reverse the way
Reach into the clear bright light of day
Step away from the terror that surrounds you
Climb, soar, embrace and cherish those around you

© Fergus Martin