Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The lady in the picture is Jessie Young, my mother-in-law, who passed away in May after a long illness. I wrote this piece two days before she passed.

The smallest of frames
The largest of hearts
A soul full of giving
A life full of living
Life’s journey you guided
The fun you provided
Wide smile, cheeky grin
The sneaky wee gin
One red child, one dark
Given life by your spark
Seeing memories so clearly
Cling to them dearly
New life they gave you
Five hearts that adored you
Parks, playgrounds and swings
The small, little things
That smile, cheeky grin
And a sneaky wee gin
On the journey you take
Remember them well
Your soul will not perish
Your memories, we cherish

Effervescent in life
Motionless, becalmed

© Fergus Martin