Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Dream Fulfilled

Can’t write a song to say how I feel
Don’t know the words to express it
My desire for you can never be shown
So I bury and repress it

Screaming your name from a hillside
There’s no-one around to hear me
Standing alone in a crowded room
Silent, you don’t even see me

Dreaming alone in an empty bed
Craving the lingering smile
Tossing and turning a legion of thoughts
And lust for the victory mile

Holding your hand is all in my mind
The gentle embrace of your touch
That look on your face melts me inside
I want, I need you, so much

You don’t see me there when I knock on your door
Don’t take my calls when I ring
Nothing I say reaches your ears
You don’t see the gifts that I bring

Alone in my room, I see only you
All that I wanted and more
Alive in my head, vibrant and real
Mind twisted, thoughts tumble and pour

Seeking you out, we finally meet
The touch, the wanted embrace
Holding you close, your body goes limp
Reaching the end of the chase

Alone in my room, my heads swims with you
The end of a beautiful night
One fleeting moment, dreams fulfilled
This jacket, so buckled, and tight

© Fergus Martin