Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Awakenings Crushed

Sweet words they were, so beautifully spoken
Reaching out over distance and time
Calming the thoughts of a war weary soul
Easing the pain of life’s cruel pantomime
Dark roads forgotten, now an adventure with hope
Now soul searching wisdom provides inspiration
For a life without heartache, fear or confusion
New horizons wait in anticipation

Breathing new life and rekindling hope
Small shoots that are sown in a heart so pure
Drawing you closer, they offer safe harbour
Solace and comfort, shelter secure
Heart skipping a beat, life’s blossom renewed
Break into the light from the forest so dark
Night becomes day, the way becomes clear
A path has been found, there’s no looking back

Beguiled by the charm, wit and persuasion
The heart opens wide and the bud blossoms full
To be crushed by the words of betrayal
“Sorry, didn’t mean it”, so bitter, so cruel
A love that were formed, so easily broken
Caught tight in the spiders web of deceit
Spun by a tongue of delightful innocence
Life sucked from you in their victory complete

Secrets revealed,
Confidences shared,
Longings muttered,
Betrayals revealed,
Plans broken,
Dreams shattered

© Fergus Martin