Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Never Forgotten, Always Remembered

Youthful men in polished boots
Parade before their fathers
Swollen chests and heavy hearts
With others son’s they gather
Childhood gone, life’s journey begins
Young boys, soon to be men
Bonding now that will endure
Separating you from them

From the jungles to the desert
They roamed the world with ease
In mud filled boots and sun baked skin
They donned their battle grease
Those hardened souls and softest hearts
With families that sit and wait
Their brother’s strength protects them now
And shields them from their fate

And as they grow they fall
Carried home in cedar tombs
Their bodies added to the count
Fading pictures adorning rooms
Once praised but now forgotten
Once blooded, they lie now bloodied
Past deeds remembered by but few
Whose memories remain unsullied.

Hiding behind the comedic veil
Sharp eyes hide the pain
Of brothers fallen in foreign fields
And the love for those that remain
Sights once seen, never forgotten
The cloak an armoured vest
The hidden world of the warrior
Shuttered to the rest

© Fergus Martin