Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Any Port In A Storm

I speak, but no one hears, I am irrelevant
I am disturbed, but no-one cares, I am nothing

The solitude and bitterness crash over me in waves
As emptiness calls to the fractured mind like a siren from the deep
I wallow in the mire, thoughts muddied by the never ending deluge
Deafened by the cacophony, I seek only safe harbour
Twisted, contorted, ravaged by the brutal stabs of the insidious tongue
Sheltering from the storm of acrimony, cowering from the chill of the icy tongues
The paper-thin walls of my mind provide no protection to the venom
I am unguarded.

Futile, misdirected, incomplete strands of incoherent thought weave their path
And are caught, strangled by the web woven by the armada of the uncaring
Floating against the tide, they flounder, sinking into the abyss, the depths
The comfort of the deep lures me to its welcome, draws me to its calm, to the dark
To the loneliness, to the safety net away from the never ending ripples of angst
Venting in the shallows of humanity, I seek solace, tranquillity, peace
Screaming in the silence, distant echoes repeat my words, there is nothing

Inconsequential, silent, the darkness engulfs me
Crawling on bended knee to the sanctuary of solitude, there are no caves of steel to protect me
Cowering in the darkness, fear is my only friend, solitude my companion of choice
Shattered and splintered, the deep haven provides the only shelter from the storm
The heartbeat in its womb the sound of comfort to a tortured soul
Silence broken only by the rhythm of the heartbeat,
I am alone

© Fergus Martin