Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The First Words

There was light, but there was no vision
There were sounds, but there were no words
Sitting becalmed in a wilderness of wonder
Suffering in silence, amid the roar of contemplation.
An empty vista on a canvass of white
A mind swamped beneath a flood of information
Thoughts rain down upon, and drown a blank imagination
And are lost

What words describe the litany of suffering?
What incident or accident reveals the greatest torture?
What song can be written to rip away the fallacy of grandeur?
What soothing tones will heal the world’s increasing fractures?

The cities under siege as great powers roam the planet?
Or the towering pillars that came tumbling down?
The desert plains ravaged by the never ending sun?
Waves ripping through the villages of far off shores?
Dancers in the night vilified by earthy demons?
Rampant corruption seeping through the vestibules of power?
Innocence devoured as faith is lost in the protectors of belief?

Morning light brightens the darkened recesses of the mind
Quickening thought speeds the hand no longer stymied by time
His muse was found, gathered in from the maelstrom of reality
The path had been revealed in all it’s simplicity
The parables themselves would tell the tale
And as the ink dried upon the parchment
The first words were written
“In the Beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth”

© Fergus Martin