Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Words say so much
Words mean so little
Words that have feeling
Words that are bitter
Verbose Vale dictum
Saying so little

A change in inflection
Complete misdirection
From full understanding
To thoughts too demanding
Words within nations
Lost in translation

Honest, trusting, faithful
Twisted, bitter, vengeful
Harmonise, unify, peaceful
Divisive, disruptive, wrathful
Cherished, cared, thoughtful
Desired, craved, lustful

Spoken out loud, the meaning is clear
Scratched out on the pad, changing the gist
Verbal outpourings, straight from the heart
Misunderstood, are met by a fist
Deep thoughts from the heart, worded so sure
Spun on their heads and are lost in red mist

© Fergus Martin